Indoor Eden: Tulips, Hot House Flowers & Intoxicating Floral Fragrance . . .

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Indoor Eden: Moth Orchid Beside the Bedroom Window (Phalaenopsis)

I truly love all four seasons, and I do find winter to be especially beautiful in New England.  However, enough is enough. It’s been a particularly cold March thus far, and I am more than ready for spring.

It’s nice to get a bit of a break from weeding and maintenance, but there are more than a few things that I miss about my garden during the cold, dark months. The absence of light and color is tough, but it’s the dry air and lack of natural fragrances that I find most difficult to bear. Humidifiers help to add moisture to my home and of course shopping trips to the florist for fresh-cut flowers and new indoor plants also help to brighten the monochrome palette of the season. But what about earthy fragrance? Remember the scent of damp moss, warm pine needles and the sweet, spicy odor of springtime blossoms scattered upon the walkway? Remember the heavenly aroma of hyacinth, the silken caress of perfumed peony petals and the dewy brush of fragrant, freshly-mown grass against bare ankles?

Hyachinth_Blossoms_michaela_medina_harlow_thegardenersedeen.com_no_use_without_permission Fresh from the Florist: Heavenly, Scented Hyacinth Pale Violet Tulips on the Dressing Table 

Processed with VSCOcam Golden Morning Light Warms the Ice-Clad Viburnum and Paper Birch Trees Weekly Ritual: Fresh Flowers from the Florist

I am very much looking forward to the awakening of springtime senses. But for now —while we patiently wait for the thaw— there are lotions, potions and bottled fragrances. A very generous friend recently sent me a surprise box containing delights from San Francisco perfumer, Ineke. Her ‘Floral Curiosities’ collection of fragrances came packaged in a beautiful ‘Scent Library‘ book. I was immediately smitten with the botanical theme, but when I spritzed on the amazingly accurate floral fragrances? Swoon! I felt as if I’d been transported to a misty, June morning in the garden. I adore ‘Scarlet Larkspur’ and ‘Poet’s Jasmine’, but so far, ‘Sweet William’ (slightly spicy), and ‘Briar Rose’ (wild and rambling with subtle hints of green apple), are my favorites. And then there was a bottle of ‘Hot House Flower’, an intoxicating, feminine, gardenia number not included in the ‘Scent Library’. Like a trip to a steamy, jungle paradise, it’s warm, exotic and deliciously heady. Thank you, dear friend!

Ineke_Scent_Library_.Floral_Curiosities_michaela_medina_harlow_thegardenerseden.comJPG Favorite Gift of Fragrance: Ineke ‘Floral Curiosities’ Scent Library {Miniature Book with ‘Scent’ Library Cards, Includes Samples of the Following Floral Fragrances: Sweet William, Scarlet Larkspur, Briar Rose, Poet’s Jasmine and Angel’s Trumpet}, and Botanist’s Travel Sprays {Each Scent Bound in a Beautiful ‘Book’ Box}

I’m also mad for ‘Moss‘, a silken hand & body cream from K. Hall Designs. With 5% shea butter, it’s soft and silky but non-greasy. I love to share this cream with my gardening friends in wintertime. The fragrance reminds me of a forest floor; earthy, fern-filled and slightly musky. Perfect for those of us struggling through the last days of winter …Pining for the verdant gardens of springtime. My Wintertime Favorite: Moss Hand & Body Cream by K. Hall Designs

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