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Hi, I’m Michaela. I write and edit all of the content, and take most of the photos you see here at The Gardener’s Eden. To say that I love gardening is really an understatement. Actually, I’m a bit of a horti-maniac, and if you spend some time on this site, you will surely notice. I grew up in rural New England, surrounded by nature and agriculture. My family operated a small berry farm where we grew and sold our produce, and I’ve had a garden of my own for as long as I can remember. I went to school at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and I have been working as a professional gardener and landscape designer for more than 15 years. Gardens I’ve designed have appeared in Martha Stewart Living’s At Home in the GardenThe New York Times Magazine, and in the architectural book Rural Retreats.

In addition to my landscape design and consulting services, I offer a wide variety of educational, gardening workshops and seminars. I also work as a freelance garden writer and photographer. My gardening articles have been published by Wilder QuarterlyMartha Stewart Living Magazine, MSLiving.com’s At Home in the Garden, Barnes & Noble’s Garden VarietyThe Honeybee Conservancy, and others; both online and in print. An archive of my weekly gardening book reviews/horticultural posts for Barnes & Noble’s Garden Variety can be viewed by clicking here. And although I’m still new behind the lens, recently my landscape and botanical photography has been published in numerous electronic and printed periodicals and books; including MSLiving.com, Grist.com, Birds & Blooms Magazine, Dutch Gardening Magazine Groei & Bloei, The New England Wildflower Society’s “Go Botany”, McGraw Hill Science (online & in print), The Brooklyn Botanical Garden Catalog, and others. For more information about my professional services and images, please see the pages at left or contact me directly.

The Gardener’s Eden began in April 2009 as a personal gardening journal, and now features articles on garden design and maintenance; plants and planting techniques; organic gardening and soil science; product discoveries, book reviews and new resources; interviews and garden visits; inspirational art and artists; fresh kitchen-garden recipes, and a variety of other seasonal and timely subjects. Most important though, The Gardener’s Eden is the place where I share my personal experiences as a gardener: the everyday thrills, rewards, disappointments and challenges of a life lived in and around gardens and nature.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions here on the blog forum (and/or follow on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest). In order to comment on an article, just click on any title bar and scroll down the page to reveal a comment form at the bottom. I monitor blog comments in order to filter out spam and inappropriate content. If you are looking for something in particular, and having trouble locating it on the site, try typing a key word in the “search” feature at the top right of the page. You are also welcome to send me a note by email (see “contact”, page left). I will keep up with correspondence as best I can. Should you find misspellings, typos, grammatical errors, capitalization mistakes or other blunders, I hope you will correct and forgive me. I have a full-time job —or two— and for now, this blog is an unpaid, informal labor of love. It would be wonderful to have a proof-reader and editor on staff, but since I do not, I am going to ask for your understanding and patience. With a little luck, The Gardener’s Eden will grow and flourish, allowing me more time to develop, polish and perfect my articles. For now, I will do the best I can in my spare time. Thank you for following along as I get started.

This site is steered by personal whim and discretion. All content on The Gardener’s Eden is purely editorial. Neither the artists nor the businesses featured here pay for mention, nor do they provide products or services for mention. I only link items that I like, or actually use and can personally recommend. If I am interested in a work of art, a garden, a book or a gardening product I will write about it, otherwise it will not turn up here. The Gardener’s Eden is an affiliate of several hand-picked companies. This means that anytime you click through a banner ad on this site and buy something from one of those companies, (including Amazon, Gardener’s Supply Company, Plow and Hearth, Terrain, Sephora, and others in banner links), The Gardener’s Eden will be paid a small commission. Those dollars help to pay for site hosting and maintenance, but there is no additional cost to you, of course. So if you enjoy this blog and you would like to buy something through an affiliate ad, know that it will help The Gardener’s Eden.

Unless noted, all content on this site —including copyrighted articles and photographs— are the exclusive property of The Gardener’s Eden and/or Michaela Medina. Use of photographs, articles and/or excerpts is not permitted without prior written permission. If you would like to use a photo or an article, please send me a request (see “contact”, page left). Please be fair. It’s always important to give credit where credit is due. Inspired by content? As a courtesy, please reference The Gardener’s Eden with a link. Thank you.

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Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will return often. Happy gardening!

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