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Tretorn Sofiero Boots & Pretty Campo De’Fiori Pot, Both from Terrain (click here)

What’s in my mudroom? Well, beside the odd squirrel, you will likely find boots, clogs, pots and rain gear. This is a page of my favorites. The items listed here are things I actually use, day in and day out, doing real work in real gardens. Most of the products I use aren’t cheap, but they are all a good value. I believe you get what you pay for, and I would rather buy things that last. Gardening is hard work, and I really put the clothing, tools and gadgets I buy to the test (p.s.- I bought these items myself, they were not promotional gifts). But although I am a serious gardener, I don’t take gardening too seriously. I like to have fun. I love beautiful design and I have an eye for style. Hey, who says gardeners can’t be just a little bit glamorous? I will add tried-and-true, favorite things here as I find them available online …

My Favorite New Boots (by Tretorn) available from Terrain (click here)The Tretorn Sofiero Boot is also available at Amazon.com (click here) Read My  Mud & Garden Boot Review-Post by Clicking Here!

Hunter’s Original Garden Clogs: Pretty but practical. My favorite combination! They are also available in other colors.

Red Wellington Boots

I have two sets of gardening boots. These red beauties are my favorite. Wellington boots are made in England, and as you might expect they are both tough and lovely. As far as gardening boots go, there really is nothing like Wellies!

Premium Wellington Boots Red -or- Premium Wellington Boots Green

smart wool socksFor inside those gorgeous boots – these Smart Wool Socks are absolutely wonderful…

And for cold-weather, these Dublin Wellie Warmers are sensationally soft, warm and cozy! ($14.95-$17.96 via Amazon.com)

Muck Boots

This is the other pair of garden boots I own. If I am working in an muddy, wet area, where I need serious traction and a calf-hugging fit, (I wear these under wider legs, like overalls or cargo pants, and over snug fitting jeans), I opt for this pair. They are excellent for men or women. My Muck-brand boots have been with me for 6 years of serious mud-rock-bramble-snow-dirt-combat, and they still keep my feet warm and dry. They aren’t as pretty as the Wellies, but they serve a different purpose. My equestrian friends love these for the barn too…

MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot

I love this shea butter foot cream from L’Occitane…

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

And they also make my favorite hand cream. It contains shea butter, so it works great and it smells really clean…

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

I love Carhartt Denim Overalls for Women – they’re cute and very rugged! (bonus: no worries about plumber-butt when working!) – They are also a great value, priced: $36.29 – $54.41 via Amazon.com

Also great: Dickies Heavy-Weight, Stone Washed Denim, Bib Overalls – Sized for Men ($29.00 – $49.00 at Amazon.com)

I also love a classic, long-sleeved, sailor stripe t shirt for work. They come in various colors and stripes. This one from American Apparel (@$40.00) is a good weight for cooler weather

What I wear on my hands in wet weather and for mucky work…

The Mud Glove

So, you may not think this bug-jacket is very sexy. But I ask you, what about a face and neck full of red welts? This is the best bug protection I know. It has a full zip hood (you can wear it up or down) and you can layer clothes beneath it or atop it. I am not a fan of mosquitoes and black flies, and don’t even get me started on the horse and deer flies. BugBafflers are great for work or play. BugBaffler makes pants too – they are awesome…

Bug Baffler Shirt

Read more about repelling bugs and other natural products in an article I wrote called Bug-Off HERE.

This is a men’s jacket, but I like it too. You can sass it up with a pretty cream-colored scarf and mittens on a winter day. That said, it’s also tough as nails and it makes a guy look really good. This color reminds me of warm caramel-apples, (yum), but it comes in other colors too..

It’s perfect for stacking firewood, cutting Christmas trees, mid-winter pruning, hiking trails and more…

Carhartt Jacket (Thermal Lined)

Scala: Women’s Raffia Big Brim With Leather Cord

I am outdoors in the sun for many hours every day, and I take my skin-care seriously. I always wear sunscreen, but it can rub off, so I protect my eyes and delicate facial skin with a really good hat. A breathable raffia hat keeps me cool and shaded. I take good care of my skin and so should you…

This stainless steel bottle is a much safer way to tote water, (I drink lots of it), and it’s better for the environment too. My sister just gave me a second bottle over the holidays. Now I will always have one on hand !

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles (Sport Cap Style May Vary)

This is the upgraded model of the camera I use to take the photos you see on this site. I have been using it, (the G9), since the fall of 2008. It is rugged and easy to use. And if it can make my photos look good, then it can make yours look good too. I think it’s a good camera for beginners, (like me), and I know a few professionals using this model when they want to carry something lightweight and portable. I love it.


Canon Powershot G10 14.7MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

Favorite suppliers of outdoor and gardening gear:


Gardener's Supply Company

Patagonia Footwear New at Orvis. 35+ Styles for Men and Women. Shop and buy today.

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