Month: February 2015

  • A Little Romance with Miniature Roses

    Although I am very fond of winter, I confess that my indoor garden is a great source of pleasure at this time of year. There’s something undeniably delicious about waking up to the sweet scent of roses on a cold morning. Buying fresh flowers is part of my winter shopping routine, but I rarely purchase […]

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  • Hearty, Potato-Cheddar Soup with Beer & Signs of Life in the Dead of Winter

    Winter is Soup Season: A Bowl of Potato-Cheddar Really Warms the Spirits This article was originally published on January 30, 2011 “The Dead of Winter”: I spent a good part of yesterday ruminating on this phrase. Is winter really dead? I suppose it might seem that way if you spend all of your time indoors. […]

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