Announcing Collaborative Work with The Honey Bee Conservancy: A New Series of Guest Posts Begins…

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I have recently been invited to guest-post a series of articles on gardening with bees in mind for The Honeybee Conservancy blog. The first installation, supporting pollinators by planting native plants, posted today. You can read the article by clicking here.

Honeybees as a species predate human beings by tens of millions of years, and they can be found almost everywhere on earth. Although honeybees have existed in North America for centuries, they are believed to have been imported, (as were many other things including people, animals, plants, and even 30% of earthworms), when Europeans came to the New World in the 1600’s. While honeybees may not technically qualify as a native North American insects, they have certainly become an important and beneficial part of our ecosystem. In the United States and in most other countries, honeybees also play a significant role in agriculture. Pollination is of course essential to the production of food, including most fruits and vegetables, and bees are the primary pollinators of these flowering crops. Bees also produce wax, a natural ingredient in many health and beauty products. And of course, bees are also responsible for golden, delicious honey – a delightful and natural sweetener many of us enjoy. Supporting bees and pollinators of all kinds is important to us, our economy and earth as a whole.

As gardeners we have the opportunity to help out all pollinating insects and animals by practicing ecologically sound, organic and sustainable gardening methods, and by supporting natural habitat and native plants. Over the coming months I will be writing more on this subject both for this site and for The Honeybee Conservancy blog, (an article will post on the first Sunday of each month for the next four months).  I hope all of you will pay The Honeybee Conservancy website and blog a visit to see the fine work this non-profit group is doing in support of bee pollinators throughout North America.

Thank you to Guillermo and everyone at the Honey Bee Conservancy for all of their educational outreach, wonderful collaborative efforts, and hard work on behalf of the bees. I am so pleased to be part of your buzz…

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