Beyond the Rain Speckled Windows: Springtime Showers in the Garden …

Blossoming Beyond the Rain Speckled Glass: Viburnum lentago, Just Outside the French Doors

Wild thunderstorms passed through New England this week, bringing with them lightning, high winds, hail and even tornadoes just south of here. Fortunately –although the storm front brought loud claps of thunder, drenching rains and dramatic skies– there was little damage in my immediate area. Having just returned from a  garden design project in a nearby town, I dodged the big storm’s first rain drops; running breathlessly through the garden path to my studio. Safely inside before the sky tuned darkest grey and violent winds kicked up, I curled into a chair beside the French doors, and there –snug and dry– I sat through the show; listening to the rumble of approaching thunder and watching as lighting flashed on the horizon. Nature’s raw power is sometimes frightening, always awesome and often beautiful to behold. Between passing storms –gazing through rain-speckled windows at the swaying, blossom-laden branches and golden sunlight dancing in the garden– I couldn’t help but snap a few photos…

Sunlight and Rain, Puddling on the Terrace

Shimmering Stone and Glistening Droplets on Glass

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