Dusky Pink Twilight & Golden Moonrise

November's Full Beaver Moon - copyright 2013 - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.com November’s Full Beaver Moon Rises Through Tangled Beech Branches 

Late autumn is often a spectacular season for sky watching, and this year did not disappoint. How fortunate to have cloudless skies for both October and November’s full moonrise. With milder temperatures returning to New England this week, I spent Saturday outside, wandering about my garden in short shirtsleeves. Looks like autumn has extended us yet another reprieve before the cold months of winter settle in. Migratory birds continue to pass through my woodland, gathering sustenance from nuts, seeds and berries, before heading south on their seasonal trek.

In anticipation of November’s full, Beaver Moon (also called the Frosty Moon), I set my table for dinner out on the stone terrace this evening, and watched as the sky grew dusky pink. With twilight settling in the forest, Barred Owls began to cackle and Eastern Coyotes struck up their evening song. And then, glimmering gold beyond bare beech branches, the beautiful, full moon rose. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, throughout much of New England, but if skies are clear where you are, the moon will appear full again on Sunday, November 17th. Learn more about how the full moons came to be known by such interesting names by visiting this great article on Space.com.

Departures - copyright 2013 - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.com A Flock of Grackles Takes Noisy Flight at First Light After Feasting Upon a Breakfast of Beechnuts in the Forest. Read More About the Grackle and Listen to the Sound of a Flock, Here at Cornell’s All About Birds

Autumn Moonlight Through the Bare Branched Forest - copyright 2013 - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.com November’s Dramatic, Month-Long Celestial Show has been Spectacular this Year. 

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