Hello, Handsome! Kolomikta Vine Shows off New, Pretty Boy Colors . . .

Actinidia kolomikta leaf - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.com First Pink & White Variegation on the Actinidia kolomikta Vine

Hello handsome! Running out the door this morning, I nearly tripped down the stairs, surprised by this gorgeous Kolomikta leaf. Several years ago, I planted a male, Kolomikta Kiwi Vine (Actinidia kolomikta), on the corner of my telephone-pole black studio. This Asian native is slow to establish and develop color —but so worth the wait. Just look at that outrageous strawberries ‘n cream meets minty-green pattern! Wow…

Hardy in USDA zones 4-8, this woody vine can reach 8-10′ wide and 20′ high or more when provided with moist, well-drained soil and adequate support. Fantastic on arbors, pergolas and trellised walls in full sun to dappled shade, only the male Actinidia kolomikta vine displays colorful foliage. Both male and female plants delight with tiny, fragrant flowers in springtime, however the green-leafed female Kolomikta Kiwi Vine must be situated near a male companion in order to produce edible fruit. Like many things in life, this vine requires a bit of patience from the gardener; often taking many years to settle in and pay ornamental or edible dividends. But my, oh my… Isn’t this pretty boy worth the wait?

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