In the Good Old Summer Time…

Summer Time in the Wildflower Walk. Read About Oli’s Wondrous Wildflower Walk Here

Long days, balmy nights, bare feet and the smell of freshly mown grass: summer time at last. And now, with the rush of spring time planning and planting behind us, it’s time to begin reaping the garden’s rich rewards. Step inside the sapling fence and snip a few sprigs of fresh mint. There’s sun tea brewing on the terrace and later, fresh raspberries for homemade daiquiris.

Summer begins tonight at 7:09 pm ET, and though her days are long, they are also fleeting. Make time to pack a picnic from the garden, roll up a lavender-scented blanket and slip off to the lake. Oh, and don’t forget the sparklers for twirling in twilight’s blue hour. You’ve worked hard all spring, now it’s time to relax…

A Warm Welcome to Good Old Summer Time…

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Long, Lingering Sunlight in the Wildflower Walk

In the Good Old Summer Time – YouTube Link by RagtimeFreak86

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