Time for Maytime Magic & Wonder . . .

Sunrise_Silverbells_(Halesia_tetraptera)_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.com Maytime Magic: Waking Up to Sunlit Silverbells in the Bedroom Window, Eagerly Anticipating an Unstructured Day

With cold temperatures and rainy days squeezing an already tight work schedule, finding time to enjoy my own garden can be a challenge at this time of year. Busy creating outdoor spaces for others —with a growing backlog of projects and deadlines to meet— it’s essential to recharge my creative batteries. I promise myself Sunday and Monday rest; tending to my garden’s maintenance on off-days. More often than not though, this year Mother Nature seems to have other ideas; late frosts, torrential rains and damaging winds. Finally, at the end of a raw, wet weekend, she decided to grant me my wish… A glorious, golden day in the garden.

This is my eden; a secret sanctuary where I seek fresh inspiration and refill my well . . .

Blossom_Strewn_Table_on_the_Terrace_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.com Seduced by the Warm Light and the Song Sparrow’s Springtime Serenade 

Sunlit_Terrace_with_Silverbell_Blossoms_in_May_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegarderseden.com We Accept Our Invitation to Breakfast Alfresco on the Blossom-Stewn Terrace, Beneath the Sun-Drenched Silverbell Boughs

Blossom_Strewn_Terrace_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.com Drinking in this Moment of Purest, Springtime Perfection

Camassia_quamash_in_Full_Bloom_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.com  And Later, Perhaps a Walk Through the Meadow, Swaying with Blue-Violet Camassia Blossoms (Camassia quamash)

Secret_Garden_May_Sunset_2013_ Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.comAnd Later, a Stroll through the Secret Garden —Long Afternoon Shadows Slipping Through Pathways— Fragrant with Wild, Woodland Phlox (Phlox divaricata) and Daphne (D. x burkwoodii ‘Carol Mackie)

Prince_Pickerel_in_the_Secret_Garden_michaela_medina_harlow_thegardenerseden.com  Where We’ll Rendezvous with Prince Pickerel —Resident Royal of the Secret Garden— Just Recently Returned to His Summertime Throne, Beside the Stone Door

Magical_May_Secret_Garden_Path_michaela_medina_harlow_thegardenerseden We Won’t Hurry, Instead, Lingering Long on the Phlox-Lined Path (P. divaricata)

Fothergilla_major_Mt._Airy_in_Afternoon_Sunlight_michaela_medina_harlow_thegardenerseden.comWatching as the Witch Alder (Fothergilla major ‘Mt. Airy’), Catches Fire in Afternoon Sunlight, Dizzy with Drunken Honeybees

Secret_Garden_Steps_May_2013_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.comLater, as Evening Moves in —Forest Echoing with Birdsong– We’ll Wander Up the Stairs, Back Onto the Terrace

Halesia_tetraptera_Blossoms_Upon_a_Rainy_Evening_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.comSipping Wine Beneath the Blossoms, Long into the Late May Evening

Garden Design: Michaela Medina Harlow

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