Searching for Homemade Gift Ideas? Create a Terrarium: Verdant, Misty Garden Beneath Glass!

To Deck the Halls or Wrap and Give: A Simple, Homemade Terrarium. Click Here for Easy Tutorial.

Now that the holiday season has arrived, I find that my free hours are spent stringing lights, gathering evergreen boughs and decorating the house and garden for ongoing festivities. And like most everyone else, my mind is occupied by the search for great gift ideas. Homemade gifts, be they elaborate or simple, are often the most memorable. A few years ago, I started crafting terrariums and presenting them to busy friends. When completely encased in glass, moisture-loving plants are provided with an almost maintenance-free environment; making terrariums the perfect choice for the busier people on my gift-giving list.

Apothocary-Jar-Terrarium-â“’-Michaela-at-TGEApothecary Jars Make Great Terrarium Containers. Add Ornaments or Miniatures to Create a Dynamic World Beneath Glass. Click to the Indoor Eden page here, for more ideas and tutorial links.

Terrariums can be quite simple and easy to create, and they can also be amazingly elaborate. When crafting a miniature conservatory for gift-giving purposes, I like to keep things fairly simple, in order to avoid burdening the recipient. A quick visit to a local garden supply store, craft shop or florist is usually all it takes to gather the necessary supplies to craft a basic terrarium. And while you can splash out and purchase a pricey Edwardian Case, it’s also possible to create a very pretty terrarium from a basic glass cookie jar or recycled container. For a basic supply list and step-by-ste DIY tutorial, visit my previous post on the subject here.

Orchid-Terrarium-white-moth-orchid-â“’-Michaela-at-TGEA Partially Enclosed Terrarium, Such as this Tall Glass Container, Provides Extra-Moisture to Humidity Loving Plants, Like the Phalenopsis  ‘White Moth’ Pictured Here in My Bedroom. For Details, Visit the Indoor Eden page here.

If you have an indoor gardening enthusiast on your gift-giving list this year, perhaps a box of terrarium-building supplies, a certificate to a local greenhouse and a book on the subject would be appreciated. Visit the Indoor Eden page for more ideas and links to past posts and tutorials…

Terrarium-with-blown-glass-ball-and-foliage-plants-ⓒ-Michaela-at-TGELow, Glass Bowls are a Great Choice for Table-Top Terrarium  Centerpieces. During the Holiday Season, Adding Glass Orbs or Other Ornaments Brings an Extra Bit of Sparkle to the Living Arrangement.

Begonia-Tangalooma-and-Glass-Ornaments-ⓒ-Michaela-at-TGE-2010Keep in Mind That Open-Top Terrariums will Require More Maintenance than Those Fully Enclosed by Glass. For Best Results, Choose Your Container and Plants According to the Amount of Attention the Tiny Conservatory will Receive. 

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