Song of the Solstice

Low, the Winter Sun . . .


Winter begins today at 5:23 p.m. EST (22:23 UTC), and although we’ve been experiencing wintry weather for more than a month in Vermont, shortening days remind me that the long, cold season has only just begun.

Red Tulips Brighten the Monochromatic View

The next week or so will be filled with baking, cooking, eating, drinking, socializing and celebrating. But what after that? How do we remain active and connected to nature throughout these dark and chilly winter months? On warmer days, I try to get outside for long walks or snow shoe treks through the forest. During cold spells, regular trips to local conservatories and greenhouses can help to lift my spirits, as do bouquets of brightly colored flowers. I’ve got a stack of garden and landscape books to inspire springtime dreaming and a collection of houseplants help to keep me connected to nature as well; especially the citrus trees! How do you get through the stick season?

Waxing Cold Moon through the Silverbell Trees. December’s Full Moon is Tomorrow!

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