Tag: Connecticut River Aerial Photos

  • The Early April Landscape from Above

     Organic Weave: Hints of Green in the Tobacco Fields {Above Deerfield, Massachusetts} Up before sunrise to catch dawn’s honey-gold light, last Friday morning I toured the early April landscape beneath the wings of an agile Citabria. As we climbed to altitude, a haze of sheer, radiant color —violet, cherry, gold and willow— illuminated treetops and hills […]

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  • Stepping Through the Looking Glass… Earth from Above: A Birds-Eye-View

    Behold, A Magical-Mirror Keyhole, Visibly Only from the Sky… Unlocking the Door to Another World, High Above Treetops… Travel with Me, Through the Looking Glass… Where Suddenly You are a Giant; Gazing Upon Tiny Buildings & Trees… Slipped away from work on a Monday afternoon —ignoring teetering piles, all needing to be filed, on the […]

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