Tag: Flame Grass (Miscanthus sinensis purpurascens) in snow

  • A Garden Made for Winter

    A Winter Wonderland, Just Outside My Studio Door Winter in New England can be long, dark, cold and dreary, to be certain. But if you are a lover of magical, frozen landscapes, beauty also abounds. By mid-February, I often find myself feeling a bit house-bound and restless. The cure for cabin fever? Why a garden […]

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  • Upon a Winter-Kissed, Autumn Day: Magical, First Snowfall in the Garden . . .

     A Snow-Kissed, November Morning Surprise in the Secret Garden November is an unpredictable month; nebulous skies shifting with blue-grey mystery. One moment the forest is flooded with warm light and the next, swept up in a chill. The first snow fell here yesterday —dusting the garden in a pretty swirl of lacy white — and […]

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