Planning, Scheming & Garden Dreaming: While We Wait for the Thaw . . .

March 22nd, 2014 § 3 comments § permalink

Calla Lilies, copyright 2014, michaelamedinaharlow, thegardenerseden.comCalla Lilies Blush on the First Morning of Spring

Spring may have officially arrived, but Winter isn’t giving up so quickly. Snow squalls wrapped my hilltop in a swirling, downy-white blanket this morning and wind whipped my clanking compost bin down the walk. Oh White Witch, won’t you loosen your chilly grip and leave us to the thaw? We’ve piles of snow yet to melt before we can begin our work.

The winter-weary squirrels and discouraged songbirds huddle beneath conifers, and meanwhile, beside the fire, we wrap ourselves in fluffy chartreuse blankets and dream of grassy lawns and sunny gardening days to come. New garden seminars are being planned for this spring at Walker Farm, and I’ve been busy flipping through catalogues and garden supply websites; all the while dreaming and scheming . . .

Garden Dreaming, copyright 2014, michaelamedinaharlow, Curled Up on Quiet Weekends with Gardening Catalogues and Books

 Luminous Lilies Brighten March’s Moody Gloom

Inspiration, copyright 2014, michaelamedinaharlow, Design Inspiration for the Mind’s Eye. On My Coffee Table: Gardening Titles by Louisa Jones and New Garden Design by Zahid Sardar

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