Tag: Garden in Rain

  • Raindrops in June . . .

     Rain on the Terrace  Although I confess a certain fondness springtime showers and fog, even for this lover of damp days, it’s been a particularly rainy June. Oh yes, the garden is lush —filled with deep green, chartreuse and the truest of blue hues— but bountiful, blushing buds and lime-colored strawberries are crying out for […]

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  • After the Rain …

    The Vibrant but Subtle Detail of this Beautiful Leaf (Cotinus coggygria ‘Grace’) is Even More Striking when Sprinkled with Water Droplets on a Rainy Day Ah, soft, sweet showers! At last, gentle grey clouds have delivered a long, cool drink of refreshing rain! I can almost hear my drought-parched garden singing a joyful song. And […]

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