Spring Planning with Rosalind Creasy’s ‘The Edible Herb Garden’

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The Edible Herb Garden, Rosalind Creasy

It’s late January. The ground is frozen, the hills are grey-brown and the garden is covered in ice. Convincing clients that now is the best time to create a landscape design for spring planting has never been easy. But it’s smart to begin now —when the snow is piled high and you’ve no garden centers to visit/distract you— with inspirational books, graph paper and tape measure in hand. Come May, you’ll be ready to snap up those seeds and six packs when the greenhouses swing open their doors.

Dreaming of a beautiful herb garden to replace that dry patch of front lawn? Or maybe you want to create an herb knot for the center of your potager? Thinking of something more formal this year, but not sure of just where to begin with your design? I’d suggest heading to your local library, bookseller, or online equivalent, to grab yourself a copy of Rosalind Creasy’s The Edible Herb Garden.

There are two types of books every gardener should have in their library: the how-to garden book and the how-to landscape design book. The Edible Herb Garden rests squarely on the latter book shelf, but also contains a bit of practical, hands-on gardening advice. If you have some growing experience, but need help in the layout and design department, and perhaps a few herb garden maintenance reminders, this is the book for you. And, if you are a gardening cook, this title rewards your hard work with some wonderful, summertime recipes and tips for preserving herbs in a variety of ways.

Rosalind Creasy’s Beautiful Garden Design Sketches will Inspire Your Plan

Flavored Vodkas from Rosalind Creasy’s The Edible Herb Garden

I’m designing a new vegetable/herb garden for a client this winter and plan to write more about potager gardens and layout in the coming weeks. Rosalind Creasy’s books on the subject of edible gardening are great inspiration. And, who wouldn’t want to conjure up a bit of summertime color, scent and flavor on these long, dark, wintry days?


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The Song of Summertime Salad …

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The Song of Summertime Salad

On long summer days —in order to beat the heat and burning rays of the noontime sun— I typically start my day quite early. There are many things to love about the daybreak hours, from birdsong and dew drops to shimmering morning light. If I’m working nearby, I try to come home at mid-day for lunch on the terrace. I love dining al fresco beneath the dappled shade of my two silverbell trees (Halesia tetraptera), and when I’m expecting to be very busy —particularly when the mercury rises— I like to make a garden-fresh salad and chill it in the fridge ’til I get home. Sometimes I make this feta and green bean salad (click here for recipe), but often I just mix up a simple bowl of arugula and leaf lettuce and toss it with fresh feta and homemade dressing. I call it the Song of Summertime Salad, because according to rumor, I hum when I’m out gathering the greens …

The Path to My Potager is Lined with Perennials and Herbs (Hosta ‘Blue Angel’ and ‘Patriot’, Valerian officinalis, Aruncus dioicus ‘Goat’s Beard’)

Vegetables, like this potato, also produce pretty flowers

Rounding the Corner to the Kitchen Garden Entry

A Basket of Zinnia Dresses up an Old Collapsing Chair

Fragrant Dianthus Attracts Butterflies & Gardeners Alike (Tiger Swallowtail)

Although I plant few red flowers, scarlet is truly my favorite color

Sweet, Sweet, Summertime Scent

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ with Dew Drops

Freshly Harvested Arugula and Leaf Lettuce…

A basket of herbs and potager posies {The pretty, “Everlasting Sunshine” plate is from Anthropologie; a gift from my good friend Mel}

With Freshly Harvested Greens, I Prefer My Dressing Homemade and Light

Coming Home for Lunch on the Terrace is One of my Favorite Summertime’s Pleasures

The Song of Summertime Salad

Salad Ingredients:

2     Cups Freshly Harvested Arugula Leaves

2     Cups Fresh Red or Blush Edged Leaf Lettuce

1     Cup Any Other Green (Spinach, Beet, Chard, Dandelion)

3/4  Cup Crumbled Feta Cheese

1     Cup Fresh Edible Flowers (I like Pansies & Nasturtium)

Fresh Herb Dressing Ingredients:

1/2   Cup Olive Oil

1/4   Cup Champagne or White Wine Vinegar

2      Tbs Fresh Squeezed Lime, Lemon or Orange Juice

2      Tbs. Fresh Chopped Basil

2      Tbs. Fresh Chopped Summer Savory

2      Tbs. Fresh Chopped Pineapple Mint (or any other mint)

2      Tbs. Fresh Chopped Lemon Thyme

1/2   Tsp Kosher Salt

1/4   Tsp Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Directions for Dresssing: Whisk oil, vinegar, citrus juice together in a small bowl. Add salt and pepper and whisk more. Stir in the chopped herbs and pour into a lidded jar. Refrigerate.

Directions for assembling salad. Triple wash all greens and dry out the leaves in a salad spinner. Crumble the feta over the leaves while gently tossing. Shake the jar of dressing and slowly add while tossing to just coat the leaves. Save the extra dressing and use within a week. Transfer the salad into a large serving bowl and toss pansies and nasturtium on top.

Serve Chilled and Enjoy! xo M

So Pretty and Refreshing

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