The Early April Landscape from Above

April 9th, 2013 § 4 comments § permalink Organic Weave: Hints of Green in the Tobacco Fields {Above Deerfield, Massachusetts}

Up before sunrise to catch dawn’s honey-gold light, last Friday morning I toured the early April landscape beneath the wings of an agile Citabria. As we climbed to altitude, a haze of sheer, radiant color —violet, cherry, gold and willow— illuminated treetops and hills as the low sunlight cast shadows, long across the chartreuse-tinted fields. Like a fine, pastel tapestry, flung across the valley floor, the springtime earth shimmered and glistened below us. Gnarled apple trees, dramatic with freshly sculpted forms, stood out in stark contrast to the muted tones of tawny land. It was a glorious morning inside the sky; filled with the promise of a bright, new season and finally —receding into the shadows— the last ghostly whispers of the one before . . . The Colors of Springtime {Above Apex Orchard, Colrain, Massachusetts}

Gnarled_Apple_Trees- Apex_Orchard-Colrain_MA_michaela_medina_harlow_thegardenerseden.comGnarled-Beauty of Newly Pruned Apple Trees {Apex Orchard, Colrain, Massachusetts} 

Riverside_Colorbands-michaela_medina_harlow-thegardenerseden.comColorbands Along the Connecticut River, Massachusetts Meltwater Rush from the Turners Falls Dam: Above Gill & Montague, Massachusetts

Oxbow-Michaela_Medina-2013-thegardenerseden Blinding Sun Lights Fire to Trees, Round an Oxbow Ice Slowly Melting Away: Sawyer Ponds, Northfield, Massachusetts Golden Light & Inky Reflections: Above the Connecticut River Sweeping Curves Along the Connecticut River Spring Colors Emerging, at Long Last

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