Hello Lover, Won’t You Be Mine?

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Luna-Guzmania-â“’-Michaela-at-thegardenerseden.com_Express Your Heartfelt Passion with Some Pizazz: Guzmania ‘Luna’ (Read More About Beautiful Bromeliads Here)

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and everything, everywhere, is coming up roses. Yes, a rose is a rose is a rose, and by any other name it would certainly smell as sweet. But when it comes to expressing your love with flowers, there’s no need to be hemmed in by thorns. Why not turn the dial up a notch this year and reach for something a little more seductive. . . Dare I suggest that you select something a bit wilder, more exotic or even a little suggestive? Hey, it’s all for love!

Paphiopedilum-at-Lyman-Conservatory-prim-â“’-michaela-thegardenersedenJust Because You’re Hot, It Doesn’t Mean You’re High Maintenance. The Paphiopedilum Orchids, Like This Beauty, are Relatively Easy Care, and Come in Every Color You Could Possibly Desire. (Learn More About Easy-Care Orchids Here)

Purest-White-Moth-Orchid ⓒ-michaela-thegardenerseden.com_1Say Something Innocent, But a Little Bit Sexy,  with a White Moth (Phalenopsis Orchid). (Read More About Easy-Care Orchids, Here)

Paphiopedilum-Orchid-at-Lyman-Conservatory-â“’-michaela-thegardenerseden.comPaphiopedilum Orchid Speaks to the Fiery Side of Romance (Read More About Orchids Here)

Orchids are undoubtably the way to my heart —and many of them easy care, which I featured previously here— but there are plenty of other beauties in the hot house harem. Looking to woo your lover with something unusual? Check out the gorgeous Cape Primrose  (Streptocarpus) family. My long-standing favorite is the dark, handsome Streptocarpus ‘Black Panther’, pictured below; which I also featured previously here and here, among my many mentions of this unusual beauty. Other exciting tropical flowers include the bold Bromeliads and the beguiling Begonias, among the many beyond-the-rose-bush choices. And isn’t there something to be said for giving a living plant, instead of just a cut flower? Why not step out to your local florist or greenhouse and invest in a little, out-of-the-ordinary, recurring love this Valentine’s Day . . .

Begonia-Royal-Lustre-Leaf-Close-Up-â“’-2011-Michaela-at-The-Gardeners-Eden-WMWhy Not Give a Seductive, Silvery Goddess Like Begonia ‘Royal Lustre’ (Read More About This Starlet Here)

Streptocarpus-Black-Panther-â“’-Michaela Medina - thegardenerseden.comjpgOr a Darkly Handsome Charmer, Like Streptocarpus ‘Black Panther’ (Read More About This Sexy Specimen Here)

Peperomia-caperata-Raspberry-Ripple-l-©-2010 Michaela Medina - thegardenerseden.com Or a Sweet, Heart-Shaped Beauty, Like Peperomia caperata ‘Raspberry Ripple’ (Hello, I Love You, Find More About Me Here)

Guzmania-Passion-â“’-Michaela-at-thegardenerseden.com_Send a Sexier Message with a Bromeliad, Like Guzmania ‘Passion’ (Read More Here)

Garden-Room-â“’-Michaela-at-TGE-1Streptocarpus ‘Black Panther’ is a Generous Lover… It Just Keeps on Giving. And Isn’t That the Message You Want to Send?

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Simply Lovely: Etched-Gourd Cachepots

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This Pretty Etched-Gourd Makes a Lovely Cachepot for Peperomia caperata ‘Raspberry Ripple’ (and on the right, Colocasia affinis ‘Jenningsii’)

Displaying plants indoors can be as creative and fun as arranging pots outdoors on porches, patios and balconies. Whenever I spot an new and interesting vessel —natural or man-made— I log it in my mental-file cabinet as a potential cachepot for a plant. Two years ago, while traveling in Vieques, Puerto Rico, I picked up this etched gourd from an artisan at a street market. Sure, it makes an interesting bowl for collecting spare change or keys, but why not use it as a cachepot? I sealed the inside of this gourd to waterproof it (wood-sealer or shellac work well) and filled it with a lush Peperomia caperata ‘Raspberry Ripple’ —and wow! The purple-red stems jump out when played against subtle golden-undertones on the surface of the dried gourd. You may remember how much I love this plant from a previous post (To read “Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name” click here).

A great mix: Crafter’s Gourds from Renee’s Garden Seeds

Like the look? There’s no need to travel to the Caribbean to get it! Growing gourds is fun and easy —a great garden project with kids— and when dried and sealed, they can be used in all sorts of creative ways. I plan to etch and carve many more gourds this year to use as indoor cachepots. Just imagine the possibilities! Of course, dried gourds can also be used as serving bowls/dishes, desk accessories or jewelry holders, and in addition, bottle-type gourds are often used as small bird houses. Gourds do require a long growing season —they are harvested in fall— so in cold climates these decorative delights are best started indoors before the last frost date. Now is a good time to order gourd seed from one of the many catalogues filling your mailbox. Renee’s Garden Seeds has a great “Crafter’s Mix” which includes larger, smooth-gourd varieties -these seeds are specially selected for creating vessels of all kinds. An excellent selection of gourd seed, as well as organic gardening supplies can also be found online at Burpee (and they sell luffa gourds: perfect for drying and using in the bath). Gourds grow on vines in full sun, and they can be trained up a trellis in a small space, or left to sprawl in a larger garden.

Read more about the lovely Pepperomia caperata ‘Raspberry Ripple’ here.


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