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  • Into the August Haze …

    Ladybells (Adenophora confusa) Spill, Languid Blossoms to the Lawn August is a languid month; hazy, verdant hills saturated with the weight of humid air. It’s mid-summer, and the fields are ripe. Come stroll with me through the blowzy gardens and wildflower meadow; gathering Black-eyed Susans, Ladybells and Queen Anne’s Lace for carefree bouquets. It’s time […]

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  • December’s Long Nights Moon …

    This month’s Cold Moon —also known as the Long Nights Moon by some Native Americans— is full on December 10th 2011 at 9:38am ET. And although yesterday’s twilight air was nippy as the sky blushed and blued, the moon appeared warm and welcoming in the sky. Yes, I too miss the endless days of summer, […]

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