Tag: Vermont

  • Hunter Moon & Butterscotch Beech

     The Full, Hunter Moon, Rising Through Butterscotch-Hued Beech Leaves Busy with end-of-season garden design work and autumn planting, I’ve had little time this month to write or update the site with photos. Hopefully, I’ll have a few moments to play catch up and share some ongoing projects and autumn scenes over the weekend. And having […]

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  • Farewell to February . . .

     A Soft, Snowy Farewell on the Last Day of February A foot of new snow fell on the hilltop yesterday, coating the last morning of February in a blanket of soft white. With longer days and warmer temperatures ahead, there’s much to look forward to in March. But for now, there’s the beautiful stillness of […]

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  • Welcome September…

    Hints of the Coming Season – Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) along the Green River September… Still summer. Some days so hot and humid that the only relief is a trip to Green River. The water is low and the smooth rocks are hot beneath bare feet. I slip along the bank; verdant moss, flickering light […]

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