What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

Red Fox in Meadow - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.comA Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) Peers, Curiously at Me, Through a Grassy Meadow

There are many things I enjoy about working outdoors, but the opportunity to spot wildlife ranks near the top. Recently, while scoping out the site of a new garden design project, a friend spotted this young red fox (pictured above), peering out from the edge of a grassy margin, where woodland meets meadow. Swift moving and stealthy, fox are usually difficult to capture in photos. However, the youthful curiosity of this young fella seemed to override his natural fear, allowing me a moment to snap a quick picture. I later learned from my clients that this fox was born in early spring —not far from where I captured this photo— in a hillside den.

Red fox are opportunistic omnivores —feeding on rodents, birds, fish, or even fruits and vegetables— and adaptable hunters, with wide-ranging habitat; from forests to grasslands and desert regions. Listen to the fox’s bark and read more fox facts at National Geographic, here. According to Discovery.com, scientists have recently discovered that the red fox uses the earth’s magnetic field to aid in hunting. Learn more —and watch an amazing and comical video of a fox diving head-first into snow, to capture mice stirring, three feet below— by visiting Discovery.com here.

What wildlife are you spotting in the garden?

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