A Beautiful Garden & Time to Enjoy It: Low Maintenance Landscape Design… Free Saturday Seminar at Walker Farm

Maintenance. I’m going to be honest: if you want a beautiful garden, there’s just no way around certain chores. But in spite of the fact that every landscape requires some upkeep, there are an almost endless number of ways to design and plant gardens to reduce labor while enhancing four-season interest. In my fifteen years of professional garden maintenance, I learned a few things about both human and plant nature, and those insights have helped make me a better landscape designer.

Interested in learning a few tricks of the trade? I will be speaking on the subject of Low Maintenance, Four Season Garden Design this Saturday, May 21st –from 10-11am– at a free seminar sponsored by Walker Farm in Southern Vermont. The talk will take place inside the gorgeous, display greenhouse at Walker Farm in Dummerston, Vermont. If you are gardening in the area, please join us (visit Walker Farm’s website –by clicking here– for directions and details on how to reserve your space).

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that autumn gardens and winter landscapes are as important to me as those we enjoy in spring and summer. By choosing the right plants for your landscape, you can not only reduce your garden chores, but also extend your seasons of enjoyment. Over the coming months I’ll be covering more landscape design techniques to lower the overall maintenance and enhance the beauty of your garden. In meantime, you may wish to flash back to my past post —“The Zen of Weeding”— for some tools and techniques on the particularly unpopular chore of weeding. And stay tuned for upcoming tips on how to minimize garden labor and maximize your hammock time this season! I also highly recommend the following books, which I have read, reviewed and own…

The New Low-Maintenance Garden by Valerie Easton is a great resource for both homeowners and landscape designers, from favorite publisher, Timber Press.

50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants by Tracy DiSabato-Aust mentions many of my favorite plants. This book is just one of many fantastic Timber Press titles by this well-known and beloved garden designer and writer.

Spend More Time Relaxing in Your Garden with Smart, Low-Maintenance Landscape Design. Stay tuned for tips and techniques, coming soon!


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2 Replies to “A Beautiful Garden & Time to Enjoy It: Low Maintenance Landscape Design… Free Saturday Seminar at Walker Farm”

  1. John

    Thanks for the tips. I plan a trip to my library this afternoon to pick up the DiSabato-Aust book.

  2. Michaela

    @ John, I’m a big fan of DiSabato-Aust’s titles. If you see her other books –particularly the perennial maintenance guide and her gorgeous mixed border design book— check those out as well. There’s nothing quite like a book written by someone who actually gets their hands dirty on a regular basis! Enjoy your afternoon and thank you for commenting! ;) Michaela

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