A Stroll Through the Blossom-Laden Apple Trees & Petal-Strewn Paths … Scott Farm & Springtime in Vermont

The Gardener on a Rainy Day Stroll Though the Blossom-Filled Orchard at Beautiful Scott Farm in Southern Vermont

Delicate, Pink-Tinted Heirloom Apple Blossoms Perfume the Damp Air

The Orchard and Misty Mountain View at Scott Farm

A busy, wet morning gave way to a brief window of opportunity between showers. With a list of errands and a calendar jam-packed with appointments and responsibilities, there’s little time to spare. Still, the moment of spring is brief, and I couldn’t resist the siren song of a favorite place, calling to me from the shrouded hills above the highway. Make time, she whispered, make time…

Scott Farm Orchard. A spontaneous stroll through petal-strewn, verdant paths in May. Fog and mist draped hills, heavy air perfumed by heavenly-scented apple blossoms; this orchard is a magical place in any season, but I find it particularly enchanting in the vernal {and later, autumnal} months. And so, showered by sparkling raindrops and cascading flower petals, I found myself lost for a blissful hour in springtime’s sweet, seductive company…

Peak Beauty: Pink Buds and Fragrant Flowers Still Bloom Amongst Fallen Petals

Apple Petal Puddles

Pink-Tinted Perfection

Some readers may recall my previous post on historic Scott Farm in autumn, with photographs of orchardist Ezekiel Goodband’s heirloom apples along side his historic and poetic descriptions of their origin, color, fragrance and flavor. Later used in a slide show and article on heirloom apples, “What’s Driving Our Favorite Fruit Into Decline”, written by Gary Nabhan for Grist.com (click here to visit Grist), the story “Original Sin?…” remains one of the most popular posts on this blog. I’ll be writing more about heirloom fruit, apple trees and Scott Farm in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy the simple beauty of this wonderfully magical place on a rainy day in May…

Apple Orchards are Beautifully Fragrant in Springtime, and Again in Autumn, When Fruit Hangs Ripe and Blushing on the Trees

Peeking Through the Branches into a Magical Forest of Blossoms

Busy Bees Work the Trees, Devoted to the Work of Their Alchemy

And the Gardener Pauses to Appreciate and Give Thanks to Her Muse…


Special thanks to Zeke Goodband for allowing me beyond the magical orchard gate at Scott Farm

Photos of Michaela for The Gardener’s Eden by W.B.

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4 Replies to “A Stroll Through the Blossom-Laden Apple Trees & Petal-Strewn Paths … Scott Farm & Springtime in Vermont”

  1. Michaela

    @ Paspirit- It was just like a dream ;) xo
    @ Elin – Me too! It was worth all the grumbling from my passenger (playing Angry Birds while waiting in the car!) ;) xo

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    It is SO nice to know that the old ones are being maintained by ethical orchardists like those at the Scott Farm. Snow Apple, Maiden’s Blush, Pippin, Northern Spy, Yellow Transparent and Russet: all such familiar names. All of these, and more that we never knew names for, grew in an orchard just east of my parent’s farm when I was a kid, but were bulldozed to “make room” for estate building lots… it makes me cry (all over again) just to think of those, beautiful, irreplaceable old trees. xo D

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