All Seems Tranquil in This Garden …. But Beware: Things Change When Darkness Falls

A Pretty Little Pumpkin Sits in a Seasonal Display…
And a Sweet Garden Gnome Rests, Nestled Amongst Over-Wintering Plants and Garden Treasures. It All Seems so Peaceful.
But even Gnomes have secret desires, jealousies and ambitions. And sometimes, when you least expect it…

It’s Night of the Living Gnome…

He Has Another Side…
He’s Been Harboring Dark Thoughts…
And Secret Desires…
“Oh no… !”
“Whaaaat’s goooin’ on here…. Mr. Gnome?”
“Nice Mr. Gnome… Please stay right there!”
“Take that you little squash…”
“Oh, Noooooooooooo !”
“Oh, I can feel myself fading… Fading…”
The Gnome, Settled in to His New Seat-with-a-View…
Waits With Wildflowers (Common evening primrose, Oenothera biennis*) for His Mistress, the Gardener.
*At one time, evening primrose was used to speed the healing of bruises and wounds. Interesting choice, Wolfie.

Article and photographs â“’ 2010 Michaela at TGE

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6 Replies to “All Seems Tranquil in This Garden …. But Beware: Things Change When Darkness Falls”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I must tell you that this little tale of death and destruction has not helped my innate distrust of Garden Gnomes, oh no, not in the least!!

    What sort of posie does your erstwhile suitor bear? With a schemer like this, one would be wise to accept his gift with the utmost of caution! xo D

  2. Michaela

    @ Deb – Yes, Wolfie is a sneaky little Gnome. He’s been in my family for a long time, and I’ve never trusted him. In fact, I was terrified of him when I was a child. Why was he given to me? I don’t have a clue.
    Wolfie is holding a wild evening primrose (Oenothera biennis), noted for its wound and bruise healing. Twisted little fella, isn’t he? Thank you for the great question. I’ve made a note of it in the post (must have slipped my mind!)
    xo M

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Maybe he’s like a cat… You know, how they always seem to be most attracted to people who don’t really like them? ;)

    But I do love his primrose, by the way. The blossoms seem so much more delicate in both form and colour than my “domesticated” variety, and yet pose (pun intended) such a contrast with the “body-builder” stem and seed pods. xo D

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