Art Inspired by Nature: Presenting the Celebratory Work and World of Artist Roger Sandes…

Water Garden: Sky © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel, (36″ x 72″)

Springtime at last! With the snow finally receding and bright sunlight warming earth, to me it feels as if the entire world is awakening at once. In celebration of the first week of spring, and as part of our ongoing “Art Inspired by Nature” series, The Gardener’s Eden presents the vibrant and beautiful work of artist Roger Sandes. Working from his home-studio, surrounded by glorious gardens in Williamsville, Vermont, Sandes creates luminous paintings on wood panel and collage works on paper. Roger and his wife, artist Mary Welsh, both belong to a professional organization know as The Rock River Artists. Regular followers of this online journal will recall the popular article featuring the raku work of Richard Foye, another member of this extraordinarily talented group…

Stream of Consciousness © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel, (72″ x 36″)

Last month prior to a meeting with the Rock River Artists, I was treated to an exquisite dinner at the home of artists Roger Sandes and Mary Welsh. Artist’s residences are invariably fascinating places, and the Sandes-Welsh home is no exception. Spectacular works of art hanging from brightly colored walls, beautiful moth orchids and potted primrose greeted me as I stepped inside the kitchen door, where the warm scent of Mary’s homemade curry filled the air. What a lovely evening we shared. I have been a fan of both artists’ work for years. Roger’s large-scale paintings featuring abstracted, natural imagery and brilliant color work are both beautiful and complex. Although his paintings may be enjoyed simply and immediately, his work is best savored over a long period of time; allowing for the rich detail of his multilayered stories to unfold and fully blossom. It’s easy for a nature lover to fall in love with a piece like, “Counting Crows”, (second painting, below). With it’s striking vertical composition, layers, movement -and of course it’s fascinating subject, one of my most beloved creatures, the crow- this piece is my undeniable favorite.

An artist for more than thirty years, Sandes continues to exhibit his work throughout the US and abroad. His pieces are included in fine private, as well as major corporate collections world-wide. I wish I could include all of Roger’s beautiful works here on this site, however, you may see many more original works of art, as well as a wide selection of beautiful, limited-edition prints, online at the artist’s website. Roger’s paintings and prints may be acquired directly from the artist’s studio, or in galleries linked on his webpage. And if you are lucky enough to find yourself in New England this summer during the annual Rock River Artists Studio Tour, (July 17th and 18th, 2010), be sure to stop in and visit Roger and Mary for the open-studio event. Their beautiful home and garden along the river, filled with brilliant artwork, is a feast for the heart, mind and soul…

Counting Crows © Roger Sandes – Latex, gesso and cut paper, (24″ x 20″)

Counting Crows © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel, (78″ x 36″)

Counting Crows IV © Roger Sandes – Latex, gesso and cut paper, (24″ x 20″)

Water Garden: Sky © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel, (36″ x 36″)

Natural History © Roger Sandes – Acrylic and cut paper on paper, (16″ x 20″)

Waterborne II © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel (36″ x 78″)

Rising Water © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel (30″ x 88″)

Waterborne I © Roger Sandes – Acrylic on panel (36″ x 78″)


For further information about the artwork, please visit the artist’s website:

Florilegium II © Roger Sandes

– A sample of the artist’s beautiful botanical prints, available here online

And how could this feature possibly be complete with out a quick tour of the Welsh-Sandes home and gardens, (click to enlarge images below)? The artists are both flower lovers and avid gardeners, and their home is clearly a paradise for the inspirational, living creatures inhabiting Roger’s work. Thank you Roger and Mary, for opening your home and studio to readers of The Gardener’s Eden online journal. What a lovely celebration of life, and prelude to spring…

The Sandes-Welsh kitchen, filled with Roger’s botanical paintings and prints…

Roger’s paintings fill the home with the stories of the natural world, and life’s beautiful celebration…

All photos are courtesy of, and copyright, Roger Sandes and Mary Welsh


Article copyright 2010, Michaela at The Gardener’s Eden

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  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Hi Michaela,
    My first thought was how much they reminded me of quilts I’ve known and loved, then I saw the house pictures and knew why.
    I really like the “topographic” background in these… layers on layers.
    My favourite though, I think, is “Florilegium II”. It reminds me of my child’s eye view in Mom’s garden.
    And speaking of gardens – definitely my kind of place! I bet it smells (and tastes) just as good as it looks. Deb ; )

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