Beyond the Rain-Streaked Windows . . .

A Blurry Vision of Late-Blooming Perennials Beyond My Windows

Rainy days always remind me of how important it is to consider what a garden design will look from inside, as well as from outside of a house. I love feeling like I am part of the natural world, even when I have to be indoors. When I design gardens that will be viewed from within a house, I try to think of windows as frames for living artwork. A well-planned garden can screen unattractive elements (driveways and roads, utility boxes, unkempt adjoining properties), and call attention to more positive features. Rhythmic plantings and color drifts draw the eye across space and focal points provide a place for the eye to rest. A garden design can also create enclosure; dividing large space into more intimate outdoor rooms . . .

Outside the Window: A View of Bush Clover in bloom (Lespedeza thunbergii) and a Rusty Garden Bench

Early autumn is a great season for designing/laying out new gardens, preparing beds and planting perennials, shrubs and deciduous trees. I will be posting more garden design tips over the coming weeks, and sharing some of my clients’ do-it-yourself projects as they take shape. Does the landscape outside your window enhance or detract from the view? Is there anything you would like to conceal or reveal?

View Beyond the Downstairs Office/Guest Room’s Glass Doors (‘Secret Garden Room’) – This Basement-Level Room Once Had a View of the Driveway. Much Better Now, No?

Garden Design & Installation: Michaela Medina Harlow

All Stonework Featured in This Post: Dan Snow

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3 Replies to “Beyond the Rain-Streaked Windows . . .”

  1. Jen

    See…that first photo…that’s what I was talking about last night. Your eye, your approach to the visual world (whether making photos or designing landscapes) – it’s a painter’s aesthetic through and through!

  2. Michaela

    Deb, That is such a beautiful painting. The entire series is so ethereal, sometimes I can’t believe it even exists! xo

    Jen, Thank you. I am probably blushing!


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