In Celebration of the Much Anticipated Pink Moon of April…

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Narcissus – Photograph © 2010, Michaela at TGE

Last Night’s Full, Pink Moon Rising…

April’s full moon is traditionally referred to as the Pink Moon. Indeed, cerise does seem to be the color of the month, with the flowers of wild ground phlox, (sometimes called moss phlox), viburnum, cherry and apple blossoms and countless other blossoms coloring the landscape and scenting the air. Although this month’s full moon reached its peak last night, the glowing orb will still appear quite round when it rises again this evening. In honor of April’s Pink Moon, (a seasonal marker I eagerly anticipate), I have put together some photos from the month of April, (special thanks to Tim Geiss for his beautiful contributions, as noted), and a special Nick Drake video I found on YouTube. I love Nick Drake’s music, and his song ‘Pink Moon’ has always been one of my favorites…

Bodnant viburnum – Photograph © 2010, Michaela at TGE

Narcissus – Photograph © 2010, Michaela at TGE

Narcissus – Photograph © 2010, Michaela at TGE

Bergenia – Photograph © 2010, Michaela at TGE

Photograph © 2010, Tim Geiss

Hamamelis – Photograph © 2010, Tim Geiss

Phlox – Photograph © 2010, Tim Geiss

Explore the Music of Nick Drake at Amazon, (image © estate of N.Drake)

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Discovering the Botany of Desire…

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The Botany of Desire

The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s Eye View of the World

Like most people, I am a fairly busy person, and I don’t have a great deal of time to wander about bookstores – especially during the growing season. In fact, most of my reading over the past few summers has been limited to the review of horticultural encyclopedias, manuals and periodicals – stuff only a plant-geek could love! Sadly, I sometimes miss a book when my desire to read it would be obvious if only it were known to me. So, I owe a big thank you to my friend and client Leah for placing Michael Pollan’s work in front of my nose. Leah graciously loaned me The Botany of Desire, which I rapidly consumed with great pleasure. I now have a copy of my own. Thank goodness for pollinating-friends.

If you haven’t read The Botany of Desire, you really owe it to yourself to make the time – especially if you, like me, are a hopeless hortimaniac. Pollan’s “plant’s eye view of the world” describes how, through selective evolution, the apple, tulip, marijuana plant and potato have used the desires of mankind for their own purposes. The book is beautifully written, and fascinating.

Although the PBS special aired for only one night on October 28th, the film is available on DVD –  it is as visually seductive as the book is charming and provocative. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, and I have ordered a copy for myself. I also intend to secure a few extra DVDs to present as gifts this holiday season. Anyone interested in the natural world, and humankind’s role within it, will love watching this film…

The DVD is available through Amazon. It would make a great gift …

Michael Pollan’s book, The Botany of Desire, is also available in paperback …


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