Celebrating Independence . . .

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Independence Day America! I’m a patriotic sort of gal, and Fourth of July will always be one of my favorite holidays —picnics, barbecues, the Boston Pops— what’s not to love? Of course for many of us, fireworks are the high point of our nation’s birthday celebration. After all, there’s nothing like a brilliant pyrotechnic display to bring out the inner child

To me, fireworks resemble beautiful, neon-colored flowers —not a big surprise given my vocation— and I love watching them explode in the night sky (see past post here). Even better? Homemade strawberry-mint mojitos to enjoy with the week’s electrifying entertainment (click here for recipe). Enjoy the celebrations!

xo Michaela

For Strawberry Mint Mojito Recipe & Pyrotechnic Fourth of July Flowers Exploding in the Night Sky, Click Here

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