Dramatically Draped in Sequins & Lace, In Swept the White Witch of Winter…

Christmas Tree in Snow â“’ 2012 michaela medina - thegardenerseden.comWinter Swept in Upon a Blue Velvet Evening …

Winter is a drama-queen. In she sweeps on her snowy chariot, with a chilly air. She bears little resemblance to her sisters; coquettish Springtime, carefree Summer, or even melancholy Autumn. Wrapped in sheer white lace and silver sequins, Winter certainly possesses bare-boned beauty and elegance, but she can also be cruel, cold and unforgiving. How will she treat us in the coming year? Let us hope she keeps her dark shadows to a minimum and her stormy drama light; enchanting us with blue velvet evenings, sparkling, moonlit nights and shimmering, sun-kissed mornings…

Snow and Sleet Blasted Window â“’ 2012 michaela medina - thegardenerseden.comWrapped in White Satin & Crystal-Coated Lace…

Snow-Bound Garden Chair â“’ 2012 michaela medina - thegardenerseden.comShe Danced & Swirled About the Garden with a Long, Heavy, White Cloak, Covering Everything in Her Path…

Kalmia latifolia with Snow â“’ 2012 michaela medina - thegardenerseden.comSleep Well, Sweet Laurel, Cozied-Up in Winter’s Soft Blanket (Kalmia latifolia)

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3 Replies to “Dramatically Draped in Sequins & Lace, In Swept the White Witch of Winter…”

  1. Inger Cesar

    Thankyou får all the inpiration 2012! Here in Sweden we have a lot of snow to but it depends on which part of the country. I feel that my garden inspiration is coming back and a lot of garden ideas makes me glad.
    I wich you a Happy New Year 2013!
    Inger Cesar/Blomkärringen

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    “Ahhh…” Can’t you just hear everyone in the garden breathing a sigh of relief now there’s a lovely insulating, blanket of down overhead? A toast to a normal winter for 2013! xo Cheers, Deb

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