Early Season Garden Maintenance … Free Seminar at Walker Farm, Vermont

English Edging (click here for information on how to create this border line) and Mulch: When a Garden is Properly Prepared, Early in the Season, Maintenance is a Breeze Throughout the Year …

Early-season maintenance —or what I’ve come to call ‘waking up the garden in spring’— is one of the keys to a truly well-tended garden. Although there are a number of  ways to create a lower-maintenance landscape, there really is no such thing as a no-maintenance garden. Much like the interior and exterior of a home, every garden space requires a certain amount of annual upkeep; with larger chores normally completed in spring and fall, followed by monthly tasks and weekly touchups throughout the season. Getting an early start on chores like weeding, edging and mulching will make regular maintenance easier and help to keep things in tip-top-shape from spring to fall.

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I’ll be giving a free, one hour talk this coming Saturday at 10am, sponsored by Walker Farm in Dummerston, Vermont. During the seminar, I will be covering the basics of how to wake up your garden in spring, and get it ready for the seasons ahead. Wondering when to prune that lilac or what you should divide before the Fourth of July? Curious about weed prevention and mulching? Thinking of shopping for tools, but not sure of what you really need? These are just a few of the subjects I’ll be covering, along with more advanced topics like soil testing/amending and pest management. Call Walker Farm to reserve your spot this Saturday!

Spring is Also the Perfect Time to Divide and Replant Late-Blooming Perennials (Including Daylily Bulbs) and/or Dig and Replant Entire Borders (After Building Soil with Fresh Compost)

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