Everlasting Beauty: Displaying Dreamy, Delicate, Dried Narcissus…

As Pretty Dried & Arranged in a Bowl on the Vanity as Fresh in the Flower Pot: Various Dried Narcissus

I’m the girl in back of the dining room; lingering with the last crumbs of her chocolate cake and bubbling prosecco. I like to draw my pleasure out; never leaving too soon. Of course, I feel the same way about about flowers. As the blossoms of my forced narcissus fade and wither, I snip them off and collect them in bags. Once dried, I like to arrange them in bowls and vases; scattering them here and there along tables, shelves and vanities in order to stretch out my enjoyment. Throw out my flowers? Oh, I hardly ever! Narcissus, lily of the valley, roses: many blossoms are as beautiful in dried arrangements as fresh…

Narcissus ‘Grand Soleil d’Or’ – Pretty Fresh or Dried

Lovely in a Vase Atop the Dresser

I’m Particularly Partial to the Look of Flowers in Bowls, and I Display Them on My Desk, Dinner Table, Dresser, Vanity & Book Shelves. Fresh & Floating or Delicate & Dried, I Think Flowers are Gorgeous Most Any Way. Never Let Go of Something Beautiful, Too Soon… Dried Narcissus are Pretty Pinned in Hair and on Packages too!


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3 Replies to “Everlasting Beauty: Displaying Dreamy, Delicate, Dried Narcissus…”

  1. Susan Braun

    I have dried roses and hydrangea for years and made wreaths. I have a 24 inch wire wreath and it is amazing with all flowers until they finally fade and start to fall.
    For an after wedding party and a 50th wedding anniversary I took the same flowers from my garden and many arrangements gifted to me, and made several arrangements for tables and edges of tables as tassels.
    I love using flowers twice.

  2. Michaela

    @ Deb – It’s always a pleasure. I love knowing that you are out there! xo M
    @ Susan – Your wreaths sound lovely. There’s something poetic and pure about loving memories woven from flowers. And isn’t it just beautiful, when you can bring your nose to a dried blossom, and remember moments long past? Thanks for stopping in to share your story. xo M

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