First Hints of Spring…

Last Year’s Nest Remains Intact, Decorated with the Pink-Tinted Buds of Viburnum Bodnantense ‘Dawn’

Spring is exactly one month away, and eagerly, the garden awaits her arrival. Already, swollen buds, glowing bark and the sing-song voices of chickadees calling “spring’s here”, fill trees and shrubs with new life…

On Warmer Days, Blushing Viburnum Buds Near the Stone Wall, Hint at Coming Spring

Click here to here listen to the ‘typical’ sweet, spring song of the Black-capped Chickadee {via Cornell Lab of Ornithology}.

{Forced branches give the house a prelude-to-spring. Click here for more information on forcing branches, and here for details about this lovely shrub: V. bodnantense ‘Dawn’}


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4 Replies to “First Hints of Spring…”

  1. Julie

    So funny we all notice nests from last spring, yesterday we spyed an Oriole’s nest in a Oak tree, in awe of the simple beauty at dusk…

  2. Michaela

    @ Julie, Orioles have such beautiful nests. Lucky you to spy such a lovely sight at twilight. There’s just something hopeful about a pretty nest, perched high up in a tree. Happy dreaming! xo M

  3. Harry McPetrie


    I live in Scotland and am a keen gardener. I came across your website whilst searching for some plant details in Google.

    You obviously have a passion for what you do!!

    Keep up the good work, (it’s very interesting).


  4. Michaela

    @ Harry, Hello! So nice to hear from you. Scotland… How exciting! Although I have traveled throughout Ireland and visited England, I’ve yet to set foot in your beautiful country. I am dying to see the Highlands (I am wild for heath and heather) Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind and lovely words. I hope to hear from you again! Michaela

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