Greeting the Full, Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon - Michaela Medina Harlow - This Year, the Harvest Moon is Full Less Than a Day from Perigee. This Will Make the Moon Appear Much Larger on the Horizon. Find More Information on 2014’s ‘Supermoons’ here.

The Harvest Moon will rise near 100% full on Monday, September 8th, 2014 at 6:49 PM EDT and set at 5:42 AM EDT on September 9th. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox, on September 23rd. This year, the Harvest Moon will appear larger than usual, as the moon is full less than one day from perigee.

Harvest_Moon_2013_copyright_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_www.thegardenerseden.comA Pair of Canada Geese Greet the Full, Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon ushers in a change of seasons. Geese are flocking and heading south, days are becoming noticeably shorter and nights are growing longer. Autumn is just around the corner now. Do you feel ready for fall? Learn more about the Harvest Moon by visiting the Earth Sky website here, and the Farmer’s Almanac, here.

Harvest-Moon-September-2010-ⓒ-Michaela-at-TGEAutumn is My Favorite Season, and I Always Anticipate the Harvest Moon with Great Pleasure 

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2 Replies to “Greeting the Full, Harvest Moon”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Ha! You asked if we’re ready for Fall yet; to which I say, “Absolutely NOT!”
    Not that I ever am, ready for Fall, that is; but we have had this conversation before and this year seems even worse than normal – what with the late start and then abnormally wet, cool weather we’ve had – this Summer has seemed to be even more fleeting than normal… ):
    The one thing (well, maybe two things; ) that I’m loving about the weather lately is the light for photography has been absolutely AMAZING and temperatures have been equally so: fabulous for sleeping at night and just the perfect amount of heat on these End-of-Summer days… xo D.

  2. Michaela

    Hi Deb, Yes, it does seem like summer slipped through our hands a bit too fast this year. I’m hoping for a long, warm, sunny Indian Summer. Like you, I prefer the cool nights for sleeping and the warm, but not hot days for work outside.
    The light at this time of year is indeed fantastic for photography, painting and just being! Lets hope Old Man Winter is a bit kinder this year. No polar vortexes are necessary! They certainly did NOT help to eliminate ticks!
    Great to hear from you Deb. xx M

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