Hello April, Ready for Spring?

We’re All Ready for Spring, But It Looks Like She’s Not Quite Ready for Us!

Woke up this morning to find an April Fool’s Day trick from Mother Nature. Looks like we’ll be putting away our sun hats and gardening tools for today…

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3 Replies to “Hello April, Ready for Spring?”

  1. Laurrie

    Okay, that’s cute. I spent all day whining and moaning about the snow here (an inch, not much) and the gray and bleakness … then you go and make me smile with this. What’s a garden grump to do?

  2. Michaela

    Hi Laurrie, She is cute, isn’t she?! I’d be grumpy too, honestly, but she cheered me up while I shoveled the walkway. This can be such a cruel time of the year, and I can get discouraged, so I try to play little games with myself in order to keep my chin-up! Stay warm, Laurrie, it’s chilly out there. xo M

  3. G

    This is a great-looking snowlady. As much as I’m itching for Spring to walk through the door, I’d hate to see this snowlady melt away. At least she’s trying to garden while she is around!

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