If They Were Flowers: Ode to the Oscars Presenting The Gardener’s Eden’s Second Annual Academy Award Horticouture Fashion Review…

Dress by Aechmea tillandsioides (Bromeliaceae)

As Worn by Radiant, New Mother Penelope Cruz (Gucci) with Javier Bardem. Photo: Matt Sayles/AP via Yahoo

Last year, at the time of the Academy Awards, I was conservatory-sitting for out-of-town friends. The day after the show, while tending to the exotic beauties contained within the tiny greenhouse, all I could think about was how much they resembled the designer frocks I’d seen the night before. Like a crazed paparazza, I dashed from aisle to aisle, snapping photos of the tropical starlets in my care. I documented my red carpet observations in the post ” Ode to the Oscars: If They Were Flowers…” (click here to revisit the photos & essay from last year’s Oscars).

The dazzling display of gorgeous gowns at last night’s 83 Annual Academy Award show —red carpet blossoming with a parade of flamboyant hot-house flowers and sparkling ice-queens— inspired yet another evening of horticouture dreams. Sensational as the Oscar gowns were in silk, tulle, sequins and satin, imagine —if you will— what if they were flowers?

Dress by Camellia japonica

As Worn by Hostess Anne Hathaway (Valentino). Image: John Shearer/Getty via Yahoo

Dress by Iris

As Worn by Elegant Amy Adams (L’Wren Scott). Image: John Shearer/Getty via Yahoo

Dress by Abutilon hybridum

As Worn by Stunning Jennifer Hudson (Versace). Image: Jason Merrit/Getty via Yahoo

Dress by Phalenopsis

As Worn by Sultry Scarlett Johansson (Dolce & Gabanna). Image: Matt Sayles/AP via Yahoo

Icy Tulle Dress by Jack Frost & Rudbeckia Hirta

As Worn by Sparkling Halle Berry (Marchesa). Image: John Shearer/Getty via Yahoo

Dress by Paeonia lactiflora ‘Raspberry Sundae’

As Worn by the Sweet Hailee Steinfeld. Image: Jason Merrit/Getty via Yahoo

Gown by Kalanchoe ‘Mangini’

As Worn by Striking Jennifer Lawrence (Calvin Klein). Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage via Yahoo

Dress by Fothergilla ‘Mt. Airy’

As Worn by Floaty Hillary Swank (Gucci). Image: Jason Merrit/Getty via Yahoo

Dress by Hibiscus

As Worn by Last Year’s Best Actress Award-Winner: Ravishing-in-Red,  Sandra Bullock (Vera Wang). Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage via Yahoo

Dress by Allium schoenoprasum

As Worn by Ethereal Mila Kunis (Eli Saab). Image: Jason Merrit/Getty via Yahoo

Dress by Helleborus x hybridus ‘Royal Heritage Strain’

As Worn by Academy Award Winner for Best Actress, the Lovely, Expectant Natalie Portman (Rodarte). Image: Jason Merrit/Getty via Yahoo

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Which star do you think was best dressed? What flower do you think they resembled?


Article and Botanical Photos are â“’ Michaela at The Gardener’s Eden

All Academy Award Photos are copyright as noted and linked (click on each photo for source)

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14 Replies to “If They Were Flowers: Ode to the Oscars Presenting The Gardener’s Eden’s Second Annual Academy Award Horticouture Fashion Review…”

  1. Michaela

    @ Julie, Thank you! Yes, It was fun… For me too! I’ve been looking forward to doing this! There was only one I dress, I so wanted to show, that I could not find a flower photo (of my own, that is) to match: Sandra Bullock. Nothing was good enough! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post!
    xo Michaela

  2. Michaela

    @Leigh – That was my first choice too, but my Hibiscus photos all look too pink. Or at least that was my reaction this morning. If I find a good photo in my archive, I will definitely put her up… I thought she looked awesome! xo M

  3. Michaela

    There we go! I had to dig around in my photo archive a bit, but I found the right photo for Sandra. Thank you for the nudge Leigh. I got a bit lazy in the wee hours! xo M

  4. peg leeco

    Just perfecton! I loved young Hailee in the film and in her dress. one to watch!
    I am such a woos. Watched an hour of e red carpet and went to bed. Congrats on the blast out from NY BS….that is a feathery plume in your cap.wear it all week!!!!

  5. Victoria

    Good morning, Michaela.

    What a lovely – and fun – post.

    But where oh where is the flower that matches Cate Blanchett’s magnificent dress?

  6. Michaela

    @ Victoria, Good morning! I always love hearing from you, V. Laziness on my part is the only explanation for the Blanchett omission… Perhaps I shall give it a shot? Maybe after some coffee! xo M

  7. Laurrie

    I loved when you did this last year, and for this season’s Oscars you really captured the very essence of the colors! Very creative, I got such a kick out of it. No silver foliage for Helen Mirren’s stunning silver gown?

  8. Michaela

    @ Laurrie, Hi there. Thank you! You know, I wish I could do all of them. I though Helen Mirren was gorgeous (as usual) and I had fun with her last year. But, alas, bleary eyes and other deadlines limited my starlets. Plus, I was using only my own pics, and I didn’t have one to really match that particular pewter hue. I must need more silver plants!! xo M

  9. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Hi Michaela, Congratulations! I enjoyed this posting last year, but this time you truly nailed it. Thanks for the elegant pic of Sandra Bullock. She’s looking great and really deserves it! Gorgeous gowns and fabulous photos: capturing not only the colours but the spirit of the hort-couture love it, love it… Too haute to handle!

  10. Kathleen

    I love this! It is perfect. You couldn’t have picked better combinations.
    I want them all! The flowers, that is. Well, wouldn’t mind the dresses, too, but might be a little harder to figure out what to do with them!

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