I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day… My First In-Print Gardening Article for Martha Stewart Living Magazine!

Enjoying the Fruits of my Labor in Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Some moments are worth celebrating with friends! My first gardening article for Martha Stewart Living —“Sunshine in a Pot”— has just been published in both print and electronic format. Savor the sweet moment with me and pick up a copy of February’s Martha Stewart Living Magazine or download the iPad App— it’s a beautiful issue…

Martha Stewart Living Magazine – Subscription via Amazon

Johnny Miller’s gorgeous photographs set the sunny mood for my citrus-growing article; filled with all of the horticultural information, online resources and cultural tips you’ll need to get started with these rewarding plants. Martha Stewart Living iPad edition also contains wonderful citrus recipes; including Meyer lemon butter, lemon pine-nut tart and Meyer lemon coffee cake.

A Splash of Sunny Color and Lively, Citrus Flavor Brightens Grey Mid-Winter Days and Helps Chase Away the Blues…

Imagine waking up to the scent of citrus blossoms; their sweet, delicate fragrance perfuming the air. Picture yourself stepping through the door and into the next room; plucking a plump, juicy lemon, glowing orange or shimmering lime from the branches of your own tiny citrus tree…

Slice a bit of fresh lemon for your morning tea. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Instantly, the fragrance transports you: grey clouds and dingy snowbanks disappear as you are whisked away to a sunny Mediterranean terrace; sampling a zesty lemon granita as the vespas fly by…

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The pulp: “Sunshine in a Pot” contains all of the sweet, cultural details you need to succeed with homegrown citrus. Also inside this issue of MSLiving: discover the southern charm of Camellias in a feature gardening article by Stacey Hirvella —with dreamy photographs by Ngoc Minh Ngo— along with the always delicious recipes, fantastic decor and fabulous crafting ideas you know and love.

The beautiful sea-green glazed mug in this post is by Virginia Wyoming

Special thank you to Stacey Hirvella and Miranda Van Gelder


Article and Photos (excepting links from Martha Stewart Living) â“’ Michaela at TGE

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9 Replies to “I’ve Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day… My First In-Print Gardening Article for Martha Stewart Living Magazine!”

  1. Leigh

    Your article looks gorgeous, I’m sure that readers will enjoy your fine taste and appreciation of the beautiful:)

  2. Elin

    woo hoo! Will treat myself to a mag this weekend and curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and lemon and savor your delicious words! :-)

  3. Michaela

    Thank you friends! It’s so wonderful to see this beautiful issue in print. The layout is gorgeous, isn’t it? They do such amazing work. And Stacey’s article on camellias is absolutely stunning … Plus, there are so many wonderful recipes to try.
    And as always, I’m so grateful for all of your support and enthusiasm.
    xo Michaela

  4. Polly Thompson

    Congratulations! I live with a writer, and know how hard and how exciting it is to get published. You deserve the
    Thanks for warming up our winter days.

  5. Sarah Godbold

    I have been so excited about this issue. Cannot wait to get out and find it. In my grove I have several Meyer lemon trees and they are the best. I shall have to try potting citrus in N.H.

    Congratulations, Sarah

  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Enjoying the “fruits of your labour”. HA, HA! Sorry, I just saw that. Missed it altogether yesterday.

    Tried to find the online version tonight, but had no luck: VERY frustrating! Read the article in MSL and I must say that your blog is so much more you… they seem to have edited all of your personality out. Perhaps they’ll allow more latitude as time goes along? In the meantime, I’ll remain here with you on the web. xo D

    Love your mug, BTW. Virginia’s glaze is beautiful!

  7. Emily T

    Congratulations! I love reading your blog. And your photos are so beautiful too. I can’t wait to read this, and I’ll pick up a copy of Martha Stewart this weekend.

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