Love Me Two Times Baby: Extend Springtime Crops with Repeat Sowing in Timed Intervals – One for Tomorrow, and One Just for Today…

My Second Spinach Crop…

Vegetable gardening tips from Jim Morrison? Well why not? When it comes to hedonistic behavior, I am all for taking his lusty advice in the garden: love me two times baby – one for tomorrow and one just for today! Actually, why not love over, and over, and over? After all, repeat sowing is key to extending the pleasure of springtime crops such as spinach, peas, lettuce and other leafy delights – including my favorite potager-hotties arugula and mustard greens. Love me three, four, five times I say!

With frost-hardy crops like peas, spinach, arugula and others, direct-sowing can begin as soon as the ground can be worked. And for continual harvest, repeat seed every 10 days or so until the last expected frost date, (in VT, that’s somewhere around Memorial Day weekend). As the cool season crops peter out, you can re-use that garden space for warm weather produce, such as cherry tomatoes or green beans. Then, when temps cool back down toward the end of summer, get ready for another love-fest by sowing cold weather crops again in empty garden spaces.

Who knew a long-gone, leather clad rock star could hand out such great gardening advice? Thanks Jim.

A Second Sowing of Snow Peas in the Springtime Potager at Ferncliff…


I Welcome the Morrison Spirit of Hedonism in My Garden!

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