Of Raindrops & Rose Petals …

Rosa ‘Bibi Maizoon’ with Raindrops

In and out of the studio today, I’ve been more than momentarily seduced —and completely delayed— by the scent of English roses along the Secret Garden path. The spicy, rich fragrance of Rosa ‘Bibi Maizoon’ —reminiscent of much older cultivars— fills the damp, heavy air on this rainy afternoon. I often marvel at the power of scent, and this delicious rose is literally a waking dream. Although quite sad that I can not share the intoxicating olfactory experience of this rose, I hope I’ve captured some of Bibi’s beauty in these snaps of her raindrop-laden petals. Find more information about Rosa ‘Bibi Maizoon’ in my previous post, by clicking here…

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2 Replies to “Of Raindrops & Rose Petals …”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Oo,ooo Bibi’s lovely! Is she a David Austen rose? And what else do you have tucked in there with her? I can just make out a Sedum and some Lillies… what is that fuzzy little critter there to the left? …Kind of looks like my Evening Primrose a bit. (Great picture! I feel like I’m peeking over your shoulder; ) xo D

  2. Michaela

    @ Deb – Yes, David Austen indeed. And quite right again on the sedum and lilies. Also in there: iris and the fuzzy foliage is a rudbeckia seedling (courtesy of Oli). I do love the David Austen roses, and will —one day— add more of them. xo M

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