Peace on Earth…

Wishing you all things Merry and Bright !

Happy Holidays !


*Bright red cranberries and candles make a lovely, quick and natural centerpiece for the holiday table. To make one like mine, (I snapped the top photo last night while wrapping presents):  fill a shallow glass bowl, (midway to the top), with water. Add fresh cranberries to cover the surface, and float a few candles here and there. The cranberries can be rinsed and re-used later, (you can also scatter them outside for hungry birds…). Please be sure to keep an eye on candles, and never leave them in an unattended room. Have a warm, safe holiday !


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  1. elin waagen

    Magical images – I imagine it is quite beautiful on your hill this morning! Wishing you and your woodland birds a happy holiday.

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