Scott Farm’s Springtime Renaissance: Above the Orchard, Beauty in Full Bloom

Scott_Farm_Orchard_Apple_Blossom_Aerial_2013_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.comBeauty in Full Bloom: Above the Apple Orchard, Scott Farm, Vermont

It’s apple blossom season at Scott Farm in Dummerston, Vermont, and the orchard is in full, fragrant glory. Having posted many articles here on The Gardener’s Eden about the Scott Farm orchard —both during the springtime bloom and again during the autumn apple harvest— I decided to do something a bit different this year. Change is in the air at Scott Farm, and inspired by the uplifting mood, I took to the sky for a fresh, symbolic perspective on this beautiful, Vermont treasure.

Scott_Farm_Aerial_One_2013_Michaela_Medina_Harlow_thegardenerseden.comRow upon row of heirloom fruit trees —including apples, quince, peaches, plums and pears, as well as berries—  fill the orchard at Scott Farm. 

With Tristam Johnson now serving as interim executive director at Landmark Trust, the springtime excitement at Scott Farm has reached an all-time high. Kelly Carlin, office manager, has been updating Scott Farm’s website, and long-time orchard manager and heirloom fruit tree expert, Ezekiel Goodband has recently begun blogging; journaling about day-to-day orchard keeping, as well as posting updates on fruit tree sales, educational programs and community activities at the farm. There’s a springtime renaissance happening at Scott Farm, and the entire orchard is buzzing with the lively energy of a newly invigorated hive. Be sure to visit the Scott Farm website throughout the growing season for information about the availability of ecologically grown orchard fruit and berries, as well as seasonal events and educational opportunities at Scott Farm.

A heart-felt thank you goes out to Landmark Trust’s new, Executive Director, Tristam Johnson, Scott Farm’s Office Manager, Kelly Carlin and Scott Farm Orchard Manager, Ezekiel Goodband for extending a warm welcome on my visits, both aerial and terrestrial. Wishing everyone at Scott Farm a bright and happy new growing season!

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4 Replies to “Scott Farm’s Springtime Renaissance: Above the Orchard, Beauty in Full Bloom”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Wow Michaela, it’s nice to see the photo of fellow Canadian Michael J. Fox here on your blog – he’s working so hard to further Parkinson’s Research – thank you for helping as well!
    While gazing at your photos I was idly wondering just how many trees there were. Just finished reading Zeke’s posting in The Scott’s Farm blog about pruning 6000 trees every year. Talk about mind-blowing! Hats off to all the prep work necessary to keep such a massive operation in fine tune (as, from your photographs, it so obviously is: ) FANTASTIC!

  2. Michaela

    Hi Deb, Zeke and the team at Scott Farm do an amazing job with the orchard. One of the things less visible in aerial photos is the overwhelming variety of fruit trees grown there. Walking through the rows —both during the blossom and the harvest— the colors and fragrances shift constantly. It’s such a beautiful and inspirational place for growers —professional and backyard homesteaders— to visit and learn. Zeke has an incredible amount of knowledge, and he is an amazing resource for this, and the greater, horticultural community. ;)M

    PS I also like the presence of fundraising ads, like the MJF Parkinson’s ad, from BlogHer. It’s a fantastic publishing network for blogs.

  3. Anne

    Lovely photos! Aerial shots are always fascinating for me, all the patterns that are revealed, sometimes quite unexpected ones.
    I just encountered your blog, I am enjoying reading it.

  4. Michaela

    Thank you Anne, and welcome! It’s wonderful to hear from blog readers and especially lovely to find a message from a new guest. Seeing the landscape from inside the sky has inspired and given fresh perspective to life on the ground. I love to fly and love sharing the experience ;) M

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