Stopping to Smell the Roses …

From Garden to Desktop: Rosa Bibi Maizoon & Rosa De Rescht in a Porcelain Vase by Heidi Loewen

When I glanced at my calendar this morning, I could hardly believe my eyes. July 1st already? It seems impossible, but here in the States, the long Fourth of July weekend —filled with picnics, marching bands, parades and fireworks— is upon us!  My schedule has been so jam packed with projects and deadlines, I feel as if the summer —only just begun— is already blowing by.

Wait, wait … Remember to stop and smell the roses!

When I find myself getting too caught up in the day to day, I look to the natural world to restore my sense of balance. A stroll through the the luxuriously fragrant garden at dawn, or a walk along the river at twilight —filled with graceful swans and fuzzy ducklings— always seems to set me right …

Female Mallard Duck and Her Ducklings

Swans on the River at Twilight

Fresh Cut Roses from the Garden

Beautiful porcelain vase at top is by New Mexico artist Heidi Loewen

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4 Replies to “Stopping to Smell the Roses …”

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Hi Michaela, Isn’t this just an amazing year for roses? Over one-third of the garage wall (western exposure) is completely hidden behind the eighteen year old New Dawn, and she is completely covered with gorgeous, fragrant blush-pink blossom… ‘Way up there on my list of favourite things, second only to Lilacs, in which I love to just bury my face and inhale a lungfull. Sultry hot, pine-scented breeze, with undertone of crispy lichen, just-crushed on glacial-tilled boulder beneath sneakered feet; then blended with wild blueberry bushes basking in the heat of the summer sun coming a close third place. Ah bliss! What would we do without scent or sense of smell? (Anyone else see “Young Shakspeare in Love” last night?; ) xo D

  2. Michaela

    @ Deb – Hello there. Yes, yes … A great year for roses indeed! I love your description of summer’s scents. The snow cover also helped with the more fragile David Austen roses. Ah, New Dawn. How I love that rose. I had one at my former garden … and miss it very much. No spot for it —nor my favorite ‘Constance Spry’— here yet. Perhaps when I build my first outbuilding (soon I hope), I will have a protected wall with proper exposure and protection from the bitter winds. And one day, when I move onto phase 3, there will be walls and walls and walls of roses!
    I did not see Young Shakespeare in Love. But, I would like very much to see that film!
    xo M

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Ah, then thou must see it forthwith! For, I am certain, that once thine eye dost fall upon the sumptuous velvet and satins contained therein, that thou wilt swoon quite away; wilst weeping with joy at the sight of them!

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