Stormy Weather …

Wind Driven Rain

Looks like we’re in for some stormy weather. Hurricane Irene is tracking up the eastern seaboard, and though we’ll likely experience more of a tropical storm here in Vermont, Sunday is sure to be wild and wooly. I’ve been preparing my home and garden for the tropical storm —pulling outdoor furniture inside, moving lightweight pots to the cellar, tying down anything that might smash windows or blow away— and harvesting as many flowers and as much produce as possible. Once I’ve finished securing the outside, I think I’ll start cooking up my own storm inside … Can’t let all that fresh produce go to waste!

If you’re on the east coast, please take good care.

Inside Out Storm

Viburnum Screen

Hydrangea Droplets

Halesia Rain-Blur

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5 Replies to “Stormy Weather …”

  1. Deb

    Michaela, I wanted to ask your advice. I have a lot of green tomatoes and wondered if I should try to stake the vines or just pull the tomatoes off and wrap them in a brown paper bag. What do you advise? We’re expecting 40-60 mph winds with higher gusts!

  2. Michaela

    @ Deb – I’m going to suggest that you wait as long as possible. The storm could change its track yet. So other than harvesting ripe fruit/flowers and moving dangerous objects, I am waiting. I’m going to advise holding off on pulling green tomatoes. In the end I might suggest a 50/50 approach. Bring some in and leave some out to cut your losses. If it looks like the storm is going to slam with hurricane force winds, and you have time, then I might pull more tomatoes. Either way, we’re all going to have some messy gardens to clean up! Take care of yourself! xo M

  3. Michaela

    @ Liz – As I am a big fan of your work, this is a very sweet compliment. Thank you. I love looking out at the garden through rain-splattered glass. The droplets of water are mesmerizing. (Still best love your cityscape through raindrops at night. It’s on my desktop). xo M

  4. Daisy

    Hi Michaela, I stumbled across your blog about a month ago and I’ve been looking through all your posts since. I’m new to gardening, having moved in to my first house with a garden about 10 months ago, I’ve become quite obsessed, but have so much to learn! I just wanted to let you know I’m enjoying you blog so much, your garden looks absolutely beautiful and your words are instructive, which is very useful to someone like me with everything to learn. Your photos have been quite and inspiration to me in deciding what to do with my little patch, so many thanks, Daisy

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