Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Welcome July

Rainy First of July - michaela medina harlow - Rain on the First of July

Rain-streaked windows and shiny black wellies; it’s a wet start to a new month in Vermont. Yesterday’s heavy showers and blustery wind knocked dozens of flowers to the ground, so I spent a bit of time early this morning, gathering fresh posies for informal arrangements. I’ve been working from the studio over the past few days, so the inclement weather hasn’t bothered me much. But I would love to see a bit of sunshine after so many cloudy days and it would be nice to dry things out in the soggy vegetable garden. In meantime, there are romantic, foggy morning strolls along the wildflower walk —continuing on down to the meadow and beyond, to the fern-lined forest— arms full of blossoms from the garden and time to catch up on so many things I’ve nearly let slip away . . .

Welcome, beautiful month of July!

Wildflower Walk on July First - michaela medina harlow - Every Once in Awhile, I Pause in My Weeding to Stand Back and Notice How Lovely Things Look

Foggy July Morning Along the Wildflower Walk - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.comLike Sunshine, Rudbeckia Blossoms Along the Wildflower Walk Light a Path to the Meadow on a Foggy Morning

Campanula persicifolia - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.comOne of My Favorite Cut Flowers, Campanula persicifolia, Seems to Thrive in the Rain

Gathering Bouquets - Campanula persicifolia and Valeriana officinalis - michaela medina harlow - Gathering Bellflower and Valerian (Campanula persicifolia and Valeriana officinalis) for Bouquets

Unarranged - michaela medina harlow - thegardenerseden.comThe Un-Arrangement: Summer Storm Castoffs, Loosely Tossed Together with Some Bracken Fern (Valeriana officinalis, Campanula persicifolia, Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo’ & Pteridium aquilinum) 

Gathered from the Garden - michaela medina harlow - Ruddy, Ripening Ninebark Fruit (Physocarpus opufolius) Looks So Pretty Against the Dark Maroon Leaves

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2 Replies to “Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Welcome July”

  1. emily

    Gardens are so pretty in rain. I love all of the black eyed Susans in the walkway. Is that hard to care for? Do you do all of your own maintenance?

  2. Michaela

    Thank you, Emily. Yes (laughing), I do my own garden maintenance. Of course, it’s much easier since I switched over to design and installation only, for clients. Taking care of this enormous garden and other gardens as well… Now that was a little too much! ;) Michaela

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