Tag: August Full Moon

  • Into the August Haze …

    Ladybells (Adenophora confusa) Spill, Languid Blossoms to the Lawn August is a languid month; hazy, verdant hills saturated with the weight of humid air. It’s mid-summer, and the fields are ripe. Come stroll with me through the blowzy gardens and wildflower meadow; gathering Black-eyed Susans, Ladybells and Queen Anne’s Lace for carefree bouquets. It’s time […]

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  • Sturgeon Moonlight on the River & Magical Meteor Showers …

    The Full Sturgeon Moon Rises Over the Connecticut River Clear summer evenings are always wonderful for star-gazing, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the night sky is sprawled out on a great, big blanket on the back lawn. The Perseid meteor showers have been spectacular this month, and although the Full Sturgeon Moon […]

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