Sturgeon Moonlight on the River & Magical Meteor Showers …

The Full Sturgeon Moon Rises Over the Connecticut River

Clear summer evenings are always wonderful for star-gazing, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the night sky is sprawled out on a great, big blanket on the back lawn. The Perseid meteor showers have been spectacular this month, and although the Full Sturgeon Moon (which I caught rising over the Connecticut River last night) will interfere with viewing when meteors reach their peak August 12-13th, the shooting stars will still be visible –though less abundant– as the moon wanes. Click here –or on the image below– for more 2011 meteor shower information on the EarthSky website.

Meteor Shower Photo: â“’ 1985 Jimmy Westlake via the EarthSky Website

August’s Sturgeon Moon is full tonightso named by Native American tribes for the plentiful fish found in the Great Lakes region this month— and our closest celestial neighbor will rise at 7:35 pm EDT in the night sky. The August moon is also known by other Native American names; including the Green Corn Moon and the Full Grain Moon. I just love lunar lore, don’t you? Enjoy the moonlight tonight my friends, I hope you have a beautiful, late summer evening. Hard to believe that our next full moon is the Harvest …

August’s Full Moon –Pictured Above– is Know Variously as the Full Sturgeon, Green Corn and Grain Moon

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