Tag: Green Corn Moon

  • Anticipating the Blue, Green Corn Moon

    Magical Moonlight on My Hilltop When skies are clear and the timing is right, August’s full, Green Corn Moon is often spectacular. Tonight it will be extra special, as this full moon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon and Grain Moon, is a Blue Moon as well. Yes, yes, I know there’s only one full […]

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  • Into the August Haze …

    Ladybells (Adenophora confusa) Spill, Languid Blossoms to the Lawn August is a languid month; hazy, verdant hills saturated with the weight of humid air. It’s mid-summer, and the fields are ripe. Come stroll with me through the blowzy gardens and wildflower meadow; gathering Black-eyed Susans, Ladybells and Queen Anne’s Lace for carefree bouquets. It’s time […]

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  • Sturgeon Moonlight on the River & Magical Meteor Showers …

    The Full Sturgeon Moon Rises Over the Connecticut River Clear summer evenings are always wonderful for star-gazing, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy the night sky is sprawled out on a great, big blanket on the back lawn. The Perseid meteor showers have been spectacular this month, and although the Full Sturgeon Moon […]

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