In Search of the Slow, Sweet Summertime

July 15th, 2018 § 2 comments § permalink

It always happens in mid-May . . .The summer ahead seems endless in late spring and I schedule too many things on my calendar. Over-booked and over-worked, I inevitably catch a cold and fall behind on everything. This year, the cold set me back a couple of weeks —in June! But, here I am. I made it back, with a moment to spare.

Now, I just have to play catch up in my own garden, which as usual, has become a neglected riot. I need and want to make a few design changes here, and this WILL be the year it all happens (insert knowing chuckle)! But for now, this mantra applies: “I weed, therefore I am”. Oh, and thank goodness for Rudbeckia hirta. Self-sown, Black-eyed Susans always seem to tie the blowzy garden together and make everything alright. If only I could grow them on my head.

Where to start? Well today’s goal is pretty simple: pull out the hammock. Yes, the hammock is still in storage, which is just plain ridiculous. How can I keep up with my book reviews without th trusty hammock? Have you kept up with your this year? Go ahead …Inspire me!

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July Dreams . . .

July 1st, 2012 § 1 comment § permalink

Sweet Summer Slumber…

A Few Days of Quiet Repose…

A Shady Spot Beneath the Boughs of a Silverbell. Perhaps a Bit of Time for a Long Overdue Tête à Tête

Hello July… You’re here already? I’ve been so busy, I nearly missed your arrival. Usually you roll in with a few claps of thunder and at least one bolt of lightning. This year, you snuck up on me. Maybe I was out mowing the meadow? Of course, of course… I’m happy to see you… But I’m still a bit unprepared. The picnic basket has yet to come down from its shelf and I’m sure the cooler needs a scrub. Yes, yes… There’s time for all that later. Kick of your shoes and grab a pillow from the closet. Follow me back outside for a swing in the hammock. I’ve got homemade sangria chilling for later… Let’s shirk our responsibilities and go have fun for awhile.

And a Late Afternoon Stroll Through the Garden with a Glass (Or Two) of Sweet Summertime Sangria – For Recipe Click Here

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