The Painted Landscape

June_Tapestry_2014_Copyright_Michaela_Harlow_All_Rights_Reserved_michaelaharlow.com_No_Use_Without_Permission June Tapestry, 2014 – Pastel

It’s late June, and having finished my professional planting work, I’m currently solidifying plans for my summer sabbatical. With a sea of summer days stretched before me, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back in my painting studio —full time— for the first summer in five years. I thought now might be the right time to introduce you to my artwork which —not surprisingly— is inspired by the natural world. I’ve been exhibiting my artwork professionally since 1994.

Of course, I will continue to write about horticulture and garden design on this blog, and share my garden and landscape photographs here. But from time to time, you will also see a few of my paintings, drawings and other artwork. You will also occasionally see the work of other artists here (remember the ‘Artists Inspired by Nature’ series?).  If you would like to see more of my oils, pastels and other artwork, please visit my studio website, and/or follow my art blog via RSS feed here or on Instagram @michaelaharlow and/or Facebook.

I hope you will enjoy these painted landscapes, a group of my recently completed pastels . . .

Rain_in_June_2014_Copyright_Michaela_Harlow_All_Rights_Resered_michaelaharlow.com_No_Use_Without_Permission Rain in June, 2014 – Pastel

Rain_on_Mustard_Fields, 2014_Copyright_Michaela_Harlow_ All_Rights_Reserved_michaelaharlow.com_No_Use_Without_Permission Rain on Mustard Fields, 2014 – Pastel Within the Storm, 2014 – Pastel

Summer_Porch_2014_Pastel_Copyright_Michaela_Harlow_All_Rights_Reserved_michaelaharlow.com_No_Use_Without_Permission Summer Porch, 2014 – Pastel

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  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I’ve always LOVED your “rainy day” photos – SO glad you’re immortalising them to share: )

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