The Peace of Gardening Meditation

Viburnum x bodnantense “Dawn”, Buds Reflected in Secret Garden Water Bowl

When I think back to times of struggle and uncertainty in life, the garden has always been my sanctuary. In the quiet of early morning, surrounded by the hum of bees and birdsong, my mind finds calm. I need my hands in moist dirt, the sun on my back and fresh, springtime air filling my lungs. This is a beautiful, hopeful time of year and now more than ever, I am so grateful for the peace and wonder found in nature.

Last year was particularly busy for me, and I paused blogging after ten years of journaling online. But as we know all too well, things can and do change very quickly.. This week, as I begin the first of my socially distant, site visits for garden design clients in New England, I am keenly aware of how important our gardens are to us this season.

Amelanchier canadenisis in bloom

Amelanchier canadensis in bloom

One year ago this month, I began a daily meditation practice. When weather allows, I love to begin my morning with a sit outside in the garden. But mindfulness need not be limited to a cushion. In fact, some of my calmest moments are found during walking and gardening meditation. The more I am in my body, the easier it is for me to get out of my mind. There’s nothing like cleaning out a perennial garden, pruning an unruly shrub, edging a bed or raking a lawn to diffuse anxiety and raise endorphins levels. When I stay focused on the moment —weeding or digging, walking or listening to my breathing in the rain— I experience life as it is meant to be lived: in the here and now.

Thank you for joining me here again. May your garden help you to find peace and calm within.

Raindrop Reflections & Acer palmatum leaf buds

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